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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Twenty-Four

Michael is trembling, his heart drumming against my chest. He lifts the front of my pullover and, his cheek resting on my breasts slips a hand down between my legs to tease my clit from hiding. The blankets fall to one side for a moment, exposing my breasts to the bitter cold outside, and causing my nipples to harden deliciously, puckering to stiff nubs.

Behind me, my Master is kneading and massaging my ass, his fingers digging in deeply, and with ravishing bites from his fingernails, pulling open the cheeks. A single finger circles my rear entrance, working me, relaxing the muscles before gradually easing inside.

My pussy is burning, clutching and jerking, and my hips are a-tremble. Michael eases his fingers in further, scissoring open my labia with parted fingers, and stroking my pulsing sex.

My Master lifts my leg, then eases it forward to rest over Michael’s thigh, allowing them both easier access to me, from front and rear, then slips a second finger inside me. Still working me gently, stretching the skin and the ring of muscle, he makes circles with the fingers, widening me further. A momentary wet chill tells me he had lube with him - in his pocket? - before the two fingers continue their orbits and are joined by a third, stretching me wider and more open all the time.

Finally, the fingers are withdrawn, and I feel him close up behind me again, probing at me with his cock-head.

He plunges deep into me and with a gasp, I release the breath I’d not known I was holding. The sound of my own blood rushing in my ears, I wail in time to his thrusting, to the rapturous pain of his penetration of me.

Michael is working my clit to the rhythm of my Master’s thrusting, with each thrust, tweaking my bud hard enough to match the incandescent pain of my Master’s fucking. The pain shoots through my core, and juices flow freely over my thighs, coating his hand.

With a grunt and a gasp, my Master comes into me, grinding his hips against mine as he pumps and shudders his release. He almost growls his climax, the sound of it vibrating through me.

He does not withdraw. His softening shaft still inside me, instead he wraps his arms around me, reaching to lift my leg further, supporting me, splayed open for Michael. Completely pliable now, utterly placid, I simply let it happen. My two lovers may do what they will with me. I am theirs completely.

But within, the pain still shimmering through me from my Master’s work, consumes me. I want to be fucked again, now by Michael.

With the easy access given him by my Master, Michael plunges two fingers deep into my sodden cunt, pushing hard inside, reaching forward and scraping over my g-spot. His other hand continues its ravishment of my tortured clit. I want to purr, gasp and scream all at the same time. What comes out is a kind of spluttered yell as waves of electric pleasure ripple through me, in an excruciating climb to orgasm.

With a savage convulsion, I come and as climax surges through me, I feel the heat of my pussy flooding, scalding juices washing over my thighs as my cunt and belly throb and pulse. Almost before it dies away, Michael is inside me, his exquisite cock spearing me deep and hard, stopping only as it strikes my inner walls. Again and again, he impales me, slamming in hard enough to hurt, but my still simmering orgasm takes the pain and gives me only desire, a sheer lust for more of this. I want only to be fucked, impaled over and again until this man has fulfilled his need inside me.

Vice-like, my cunt clenches and clutches around him until, with a hoarse cry, he presses deep into me, hips quivering and jerking, muscled thighs taut against me. I can hear his hammering heartbeat, even over the howl of the blizzard outside.

As he relaxes and draws back, my Master also withdraws his now flaccid cock, releases my straining leg, and I ease aching hips back into line. Michael kisses me, then lying limply against me, falls almost immediately asleep.

My Master whispers from behind, close by my ear. “Are you alright Charlotte?”

“Yes, Master.copy right hot novel pub

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