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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Was Hunted - Chapter Forty-Nine


“It’s wonderful Charlotte,” says my Master, “but I’m sorry. I’m not ready yet.”

“That’s alright, Master. You want me to stop?”

“Mmmm.… I know you and Michael want to make love. I’d like to watch you.”

Michael reaches across, pulling me to himself across our conjoined single beds, and underneath as he rolls atop me.

“Spread those thighs, Madam.” he laughs. “Your other lover wants to fuck you.”

On strong arms, he holds himself above me, as he presses between my legs. I’m warm and wet… ready for him. And my pussy pulses as I gaze up into my Golden Lover’s smile, and across to my Master, where, propped on an elbow, he watches us.

Michael is beyond aroused. Perhaps watching me pleasuring my Master has readied him for me. Rock hard, his cock, always large, is huge, stretching me open as he penetrates. And of course, we have not now made love for some time.

I gasp as he fills me, his thick shaft widening my passage with its girth, and he grins down as he squeezes inside me, his deep blue eyes brilliant with desire, intense with lust. “That feel good?”

“Oh God, yes….”

“How do you want it? Soft or hard?”

I chuckle. “It doesn’t come much harder…. but I’d like you to start soft, then work from there….”

He brushes lips over mine. “My pleasure…”

He pulls out of me, then pushes in once more. It’s tight enough that my pussy sucks at him, and I find myself, hands around his neck, pulling up close against him, swinging a leg around his hip, as I try to ride this colossal fucking.

He knows he’s testing me, and loving it. Mouth open over mine, he revolves his hips, working my g-spot, wringing helpless moans from me. He’s holding me tight, not letting me move. Michael doesn’t often ‘take charge’, but when he does, his sheer physical power is a turn-on. His well-muscled body is tremendously strong, and when he decides to pin me, as he is doing now, I simply can’t move. He can do whatever he wants, and he knows it.

“That’s enough baby-play,” he says. “Let’s take it a bit harder.” He ups his tempo, repeatedly impaling me with his cock, still holding me so that I can’t even squirm, only puff wordlessly, as the breath is knocked from me with each thrust.

Oh…. God…….

My igniting pussy is about to combust, as with ever-increasing cadence and energy, my Golden Lover pistons into me. My gasping turns to wailing, and he claps a hand over my mouth. “You’re in a hospital, Charlotte. Let’s not upset the nurses.” But still, he rams into me, ever harder.

And finally, he lets rip entirely, pounding relentlessly inside me with all his strength, wrenching strangled screams from me as my battered cunt goes into liquid meltdown. There is nothing subtle about this. It’s simply a good hard fuck and I, and my body, love it.

There’s no warning, no gentle spiral upwards. Orgasm strikes, rampaging through me.

Gagged by Michael’s palm, gripped immobile in his grasp, my body can only jerk and spasm as he steamrolls into me, my muffled shrieks, perhaps, contained within the room.

He’s watching me, as he always does when I come. And as my own seismic climax subsides, Michael stiffens and pauses, dropping his face down to my shoulder. Then hips bucking, he spurts into me.copy right hot novel pub

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