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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Twenty-Six

“Nice to meet you Charlotte,” he says, as he sits beside me.

“You too...?”


“Nice to meet you, Daniel.”

His hands roam over the silky lingerie, tracing my contours. They linger over my breasts, swinging loosely inside the garment, skim my waist to the curve of my hips, and settle on my displayed butt cheeks.

Long dark fingers begin to slide within the cami, but my Master’s voice comes.

“No. Not yet.”

The fingers withdraw, instead smoothing over the now sodden crotch.

His face close to my sex, he inhales. “You smell good Charlotte.”

“So do you Daniel.” And so he does; a spicy scent of clean masculinity, and expensive aftershave.

His fingers trace filigreed patterns over the sensitive skin inside my thighs, and my pussy warms, welling in response

He chuckles. “Charlotte. You’re flooding.” He pushes at my thighs to part them. “Open your legs a little further. I’m not allowed to undress you yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each other.

Michael, my Master and the other two strangers move around, adjusting their positions so that they can either see directly what is happening or catch it in one of the large multi-reflected mirrors.

In the reflections, disappearing off into eternity, I see a thousand watchers about me, gazing in from all sides. Only my Master stands before me, his tall lean figure towering above me, watching quietly, smiling, lips pursed. The tightly cut front to his jeans twitches and I know that he is not so controlled as he appears.

I oblige, parting my knees a little further, and Daniel starts to stroke my pussy and clit through the sodden fabric. I quiver, moaning quietly, my breathing deepening.

Softly he strokes, long slow movements downwards, from the silk covering my mound, caressing my stiff clit, to kiss my pussy. My breath now beginning to shudder, I hear him; making small sounds of satisfaction at my response. Then he swings around and, hand planted over my butt cheeks, presses his face to my sodden crotch, mouthing at my clit through the silk, sucking at my pussy.

It is electric. Raising my head like a wolf in howl, I yell my pleasure to the rooftops. Looking to the side, I watch myself, and Daniel, his face pressed into my sex, lapping and sucking at me……

Now I start to lose control. I look up. “Please Master….”

He smiles and tilts his head. “Ready to move on Charlotte?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What would you like to do next Charlotte?”

My head spins. I turn to look at the group of men waiting for me. My options….

“I see you don’t know what to choose.”

My Master passes me several playing cards. Not a full pack, just the Ten, Knave, Queen, King and Ace of Hearts. I look at them blankly. “Master?”

“We going to play a game Charlotte, and you are the prize. You will shuffle and deal the cards. You will give each of us a card.copy right hot novel pub

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