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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Was Hunted - Chapter Fifty-One


Klempner turns away, won’t meet Michael’s eye. “I’ve no idea. The police gave her a new identity, hid her from me. I couldn’t find her, and I’ve not seen her for over twenty years. But if she’s not still alive, it’s nothing to do with me.” He shakes his head. “Don’t the two of you get jealous over her?”

His tone acid, Michael replies, “He’s my friend. Friends share things. They don’t go to war over them.”

Klempner stares at him, then at me. “I thought you were a complete lunatic with that performance you gave, you know. Daring us to rape you. I know what you were doing, keeping us off the other one… Whatever else you are, you’ve got balls.” He glances at Michael. “No wonder it takes two of you to keep her in line.”

It is such an unexpected thing for him to say. Both Michael and I burst out laughing. “I’m glad you think we do.” he snorts.

Klempner gazes at me, eyes wide. It’s disconcerting. I shift in my chair, uncomfortable.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’ve never seen you laugh before.”

“You were always threatening to have me raped or assaulted before. Why would I be laughing?”

He looks down.

Is that…. regret….?

“You do look like your mother.”

I don’t know how to react, and I’m becoming a little nervous. Michael’s fingers creep around mine. Klempner notices. “Looks after you, doesn’t he?” Then, glancing at our hands. “Nice rings. Are you getting married? To this one? What about your James then? Where does he fit in? I see you have your two rings back. Is he wearing one too?”

I ignore the question. “So, what happens now? I testify against you and your…. gang. You keep the dogs set on me…. ‘Cause I don’t doubt that even though you’re in here, you’ve still got contacts out there….” My voice chokes…. “ …. Everything I’ve done, and gone through, to make something of my life….”

… My voice is rising, growing louder, and I don’t care. “… Right now, it’s wasted, isn’t it? I can’t return to my college, because if I step outside I’m hunted, kidnapped, assaulted. You’ve made my life impossible; threatened and endangered my friends. You took my mother from me. Murdered my father. You tried to murder Michael. Corby shot James, even though he was aiming for me. He barely survived. Your men set an office tower aflame. It’s sheer luck that no-one died there.copy right hot novel pub

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