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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Was Hunted - Chapter Fifty-Four


“I don’t think I can add much to this,” I say. “I’ll go for a walk down by the river while you’re all in the university. Give me a call when you’re done, and I’ll meet up with you.”

When I re-join them, a couple of hours later, James and Richard are sitting at a table, each nursing a beer.

“Where’s Charlotte?”

“Gone shopping,” says James.

“Shopping? When did Charlotte ever go shopping? She hates shopping.”

“It’s a university town,” says James wryly. “She’s just discovered the street with all the second-hand bookshops….”

“Ahhh... Right…. Might as well get a beer then.”

“Several beers I should think.”

I order myself a drink. “How did it go? Got her course details sorted out?”

“Yes, and we’re both quite pleased with the result,” says Richard. “James said, and I suspect you agree, that, for her own safety, he’d be happier having Charlotte close at hand, rather than away for long periods….”

“Yes, I am happier with that….”

“Good. So, we’ve arranged with the university, that she can cover a lot of the material by distance learning and online training. So long as she can pass the exams, that covers all the academic material. And the practical experience presents no difficulties. I’ll make sure she works her way around everything that’s available in the industry within fifty miles. James here can handle that. He has a better grip on that side of things than I do.”

“Sounds ideal. And the university is okay with that?”

“I’m making sure they’re okay with it. They lean on the Haswell Corporation for a lot of favours. I’ve called some of them in this time.” He looks smug, sips his beer.

“You like getting your own way, don’t you?” I comment.

“Privileges of wealth.” he smiles. “I can recommend it.”

“I imagine you can. And by the way, you’ve not pulled the wool over my eyes, about at least one of your reasons for wanting Charlotte close by….”

He eyes me. “Meaning?”

“Charlotte is not Beth’s bodyguard.”

“Mmmm…. She’s done a better job of it than Ross. On his watch, Beth has been kidnapped twice, and Charlotte herself escaped when he was supposed to be guarding her.”

“That still doesn’t make it Charlotte’s responsibility to look after your wife….”

James watches us, narrowed eyed and silent.

Richard nods, musing over his beer. “Are you going to explain that to her? Or would you like me to try it?”

He has a point.

Let it go….

“And Charlotte, is she satisfied with your arrangements with the university?”

“She seems to be, yes,” says Richard.

I glance across at James. “You’re unusually quiet.copy right hot novel pub

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