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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Twenty-Seven

I part my lips, licking them nervously. My breasts rise and fall with my rapid breathing, and as a warm cock-head pushes at my lips, I taste the salty-sweet beadlet oozing from the tip.

“Lick it off Charlotte.” says the voice. “Lick me clean, for now anyway. You’ll have a lot more than that to swallow in a while.” He strokes the top of my head. “Tell me Charlotte. Do you like to be face-fucked?”

I don’t reply. Instead, wrapping my lips around the fat cock-head given to me, I swirl my tongue around the ridge. Kneeling up straight, my hands free to assist, I work the shaft with both hands, squeezing and kneading, my mouth planted around the head. I enjoy doing this. It gives me control, and he stiffens further under my massage, growing fuller in my mouth. I suckle at his steady stream of pre-cum, but he cannot jam into my throat. Pausing for a moment, I lick some of it onto my palms, then return to my attention back to this fine, thick, shuddering shaft.

As I mouth him, from balls to head, from above me, I hear his deep intake of breath. “Hey, guys. Give me something, to watch while I’m having my cock sucked. Who’s going to fuck her pussy, or up the ass?”

My Master replies. “Manners, Gordon. You know the rules. Charlotte will choose the card. That decides who is next. Charlotte, name another card.”

I pull away from my work for a moment. “Ten of Hearts Master.”

“Who has the Ten?”

“I do.”

It is Daniel’s voice again. Wonderful. I want to feel his lovely cock inside me. I wonder if I will get the opportunity to see it.

He is behind me, his hands stroking my hair, lingering over the blindfold, then his feet nudge between my knees. “Charlotte. Let me in.”

I part my knees, moving awkwardly as I lick and suck at the cock plugging my mouth. Daniel kneels close-up behind me, his hard cock pressed against my back. Rather high up my back, in fact.

How big is he?

His hands curve around me, under my breasts, lifting and moulding them, then pinching at the nipples, rolling them between thumb and finger.

Yelping through my plugged mouth, I squirm and wriggle as my nipples are squeezed and pulled, each squeeze sending little bolts of electricity down through my stomach to spark into twitching pussy.

Oh, fuck me. For God’s sake, someone fuck me.

Quietly by my face, but loudly enough for everyone to hear him, Daniel says, “I’d like to take you up the ass Charlotte. I’d really like to do that. But I’m going to fuck your pussy instead because I can feel it’s sodden, and I want to watch you lick your own pussy juices off me before you swallow my cum.”

A vision of Daniel’s long, black beautiful cock flooding my mouth is too much. My hips start to quiver and shudder of their own accord. As though on cue, the thick shaft in my hands suddenly goes tense.copy right hot novel pub

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