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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Twenty-Eight

“What about you Master?” I ask. “What do you want?”

He leans against the wall, watching under hooded lids, looking almost, disinterested. But I know him too well for that.

“Oh, don’t worry about me Charlotte,” he replies, laconically. “I’m very happy to watch my friends here get you ready for me. In a few minutes, I’m going to spread your legs and you’re going to come, while I drink from your pretty, abused little pussy.”

My inner muscles twitch at his words and a frisson runs through me. My Master, seeing me react, and with eyes smiling, leans back against the wall, arms folded, to watch.

From below me, Daniel says “Don’t try to move Charlotte. It wouldn’t work. Stay put. We’ll do the work.”

Good advice.

I ready myself. With Daniel already deep inside me, Michael nudges at my lips, then slowly slides in. His hands cupped around my chin he starts to thrust to a slow, steady tempo.

My mouth gagged, I cannot speak as, behind me, Borje pushes inwardly, past my ring of muscle, testing me. Once, twice, thrice, widening me, opening me further with each entry. As he penetrates me, the delicious sensation of being filled, of having every option taken, sends my heartbeat spiralling.

So far as I am able, tethered as I now am at all points, I try to accommodate Michael. His cock, sleek and warm and pungent, tasting of sex and desire, fills my mouth, reaching almost to my throat. But always he withdraws before I might gag. He thrusts, withdraws, thrusts, withdraws. Each time he exits completely. I can swallow and breath, and then I reach to take him in again. Each time, I relax my lips to allow easy entry, tighten them as he withdraws.

He releases his hold of my face, stretching up, hands clasped behind his head as his loins continue their steady rhythm.

Borje and Daniel are beginning to pump me, from behind and below. They work together, in a rhythm, thrusting in turn, one penetrating as the other withdraws. As I rock back and forth under them, I shudder and quake, blood pounding and singing in my ears. My breasts swinging, my hips and shoulders rocked by the two men fucking me behind, it is magical, and I would howl the glory of it, were it not for my mouthful of Michael’s cock.

I feel, then see, Michael start to shudder. Despite being on all fours, I raise a hand to massage the root of his cock, pressing in with my fingers to increase the pressure for him. His flesh pulses in my hand and his balls are hot and tight. Through palm and mouth, I feel his building tension until, with a groan, he comes. His cock throbs into me, and hot cum streams into my mouth. I suck and lap and swallow for as long as he continues, before, with a gasp, he pulls free from me, to stand, still quivering, next to my Master.

Immediately, Daniel, from below me says “Hey, my turn. Let me out.copy right hot novel pub

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