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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Thirty-Four

Michael’s smile broadens. “Not yet. I want to take my time with you.” And he drops to all fours, his mouth poised over my clit.

He does not move immediately, simply holding his position, so that the heat of his breath laves my engorged folds. My hips starting to judder, he kisses me lightly, so lightly, on my nub, sending ripples through the muscles of my belly and thighs. My quiet moans give way to breathy panting, and my spine arches upwards to meet him.

Using a finger to release my clit from its sheath, his lips wrap around the stiff bud and the tip of his tongue begins to circle. As it makes gradual circuits around the twitching nub, winding it around in idle coils, my hot pussy flows in earnest. He takes a moment to lap up my juices, before returning to his work of winding my clit through slow spirals, but my molten cunt still streams hot juices over my thighs.

As my climax arises, spinning outwardly from Michael’s circling of my clit, my pussy trembles and clenches. Looking down the length of my body, to watch him as he works, through the flushed and gleaming valley between my breasts, I see his golden locks and the occasional flash of his blue eyes, as he glances upwards to my face.

My body beginning to judder out of control, my orgasm poised to spill, he drops further in, to drive into my pulsing cunt with his tongue. Probing deeper, he swirls his spirals within me, making whorls that wipe by my inner muscles…. and my orgasm bursts free.

Cunt clenching, belly pulsing, I howl out my rapture as Michael continues his coils and twirls inside my throbbing pussy.

It is ecstatic.

It is rhapsodic.

It is…. too much…

“Oh God, that’s enough! Stop Michael. Please stop.”

He withdraws and clambers up to lie alongside me again, his hard erection throbbing against my thigh once more. Stroking my belly, as I descend from the heights, he kisses a breast, then the other, joy in his eyes.

“Good?” he asks.

“God yes, it was, very good. But what about you?”

“Later,” he says. “It’s not so easy for me to…re-charge, as for you.”


That grin returns, like a little boy in a sweet shop. “I seriously doubt whether James plans to leave you with your clothes on all night. But I wanted you to myself for a while”

“D’you think he’s going to mind? That we just….”

“Mind? Why would he mind? The two of us have always shared you.”

But through the afterglow of orgasm, a knot of worry settles in my stomach. Have I done something I shouldn’t have? Will my Master be angry with me?


He arrives a couple of hours later. I have never seen him in formal business suit before. He looks astonishing, his long, lean frame carrying the expensively tailored suit, gleaming white shirt and silk tie, with an elegant ease.

“Master, you look amazing.”

“Thank you, Charlotte. It goes without saying that, so do you.” He glances around. “Is Michael here?”

“He was, but he said he had some errands to run, and he would be back in a while.”

He takes off his jacket, hanging it carefully on a hook by the door, unknots the tie, hanging it with the jacket, and undoes the top button of his shirt. “God, it’s good to get out of that,” he says. Then he hugs me, kissing my forehead.copy right hot novel pub

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