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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Thirty-Six

Michael says nothing but sits on the bed beside me, stroking one manacled hand. He holds my eyes, wincing when I cry out with each blow; locking eyes with me as I am forced along the path of climax, then turned back.

Finally, he says quietly,

“Charlotte. I wasn’t here, so I don’t know what happened, but could it be that you perhaps owe your Master an apology for something?”

*Penny Drops*

Oh God. Of course, I do…….

“Oh, Master. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to annoy you. I just thought we… we could have some fun…. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

Instantly, my Master drops to his knees behind me, and plunges his tongue deep, deep into my pussy. He swirls, hot and moist through my inner ring of muscle. Electric waves ripple through me and my desperate cunt spasms into orgasm.

I partly want to scream, partly feel unable to do more than gasp. What emerges is a kind of drawn-out wail, as my pussy convulses and gushes. Jerking and twitching, I spurt hot juices and my Master licks and sucks and laps me clean.

My orgasm seems to last forever, washing over me in repeated tides that do not die away. Jerking spasmodically, I simply ride this earthquake of the flesh, utterly out of control.

My wrists are unclipped and Michael lifts me bodily, dropping me on my back onto the bed and almost ripping off his jeans. Plunging deep into me, he fucks me hard, penetrating deeply with his thick hard cock, spearing me repeatedly as my clutching cunt grabs and snatches at him; until my internal tension eases and my body relaxes.

I lie, staring at the ceiling, my breathing gradually easing, utterly spent. Limp bodied, I look to my Master, who now stands at the bottom of the bed, wiping his mouth, looking concerned.

His eyes have regained a little of their softness. Abruptly, my own eyes well, and I burst into tears.

“I’m sorry Master. I really am.”

And he is there, sitting next to me, cradling me, rocking me in his arms. “Shhh… It’s over. Forget about it. We have learned something new about each other today. That is all.”

The two men pull warm covers over me then both leave the room. Vaguely, I hear raised voices outside….

“How far were you going to go….?”

But then I fall into an exhausted sleep.


When I wake, it is going dark. Sliding out of the bed, I grab a robe and pad through to the lounge. My Master is there, still working at his desk, jabbing buttons on a calculator. Michael is sprawled out on the couch, still reading his book. He looks up at me as, a little hesitantly, I enter. Putting his book down, he stands and offers me his hand in an invitation to sit with him.

“May I… come in?”

My Master looks at me from his work, over the top of his glasses. “Of course you may Charlotte. While you are here, this is your home. Do whatever you please.”

“Master. I’m sorry.”

“You have already apologised Charlotte. I don’t require you to do it again. but thank you anyway.copy right hot novel pub

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