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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Thirty-Seven

I kneel in front of him. I know how that relaxes my Master. Looking down, he smiles, knowing what I am thinking.

“I’d love to oblige Charlotte, but I don’t think I’d be much use to you right now. I really am all in.”

“Would you like me to….” I lay a hand on his thigh, but let my voice trail away. I do not want to be pushy. I learned my lesson on that on a previous occasion. My Master is a good and wonderful man, but he expects to be obeyed.

His head tilts, eyelids lowering. “That would be lovely, Charlotte. Thank you.”

I ease in a little, nudging my Master’s legs apart to get closer. He watches me, with that odd, non-smiling smile of his. It shows nowhere but in the crinkling at the corners of his eyes, but I can see it.

I kiss him, through the fabric of his trousers. Undoing his belt, I unzip, pulling open just enough, to free his lovely cock, quiescent yet.

Kneeling back again, to give my Master a good view, I unbutton my blouse, slowly, so that he can watch as it falls open. Then I unclip my bra, allowing my heavy breasts to swing free.

Now the smile reaches his lips. His eyes soft, he sips wine as he watches me, his cock beginning to twitch.

Standing briefly, I slip down skirt and panties, pose for a moment to let him see me naked, then, breaking off to turn down the lights, kneel again.

Almost the first thing my Master ever said to me was that he had a fantasy of a beautiful girl kneeling naked for him. I try to fulfil that for him whenever I can. And after weeks of hard work and exams, I am ready to play.

His cock is starting to stiffen. Seeing me glance down as it quivers into life, he winks at me. I slide a finger over its length, feeling the satiny skin, warm to my touch. I love the familiar thrill of arousing my Master.

It visibly hardens under my stroking, and I lean forward to kiss it. My Master sighs, his eyes closing, head tipping back, lips parted, teeth lightly gritted.

A scrape of keys, and a click of a lock: the door opens, and Michael enters.

“Ah, Michael.” says my Master, without opening his eyes. “Excellent timing. Do come and join us.”

Michael does not look tired. With his usual economy of speech, he kisses the top of my head “Hello Charlotte.copy right hot novel pub

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