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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Thirty-Eight

The bath is large and generous, with plenty of room for two. Warm water, bubbles, a glass of wine, have revived my Master wonderfully. He leans back against me, lying between my legs, chatting, and quite his usual self again.

I cradle him in my arms, my legs wrapped around his body, his head lying back against my chest.

Perhaps I overdid the foam….

We both keep having to blow froth from our faces. It is wet and squishy fun, and it is so good to be back here, after all my weeks of hard work.

“So, what are your plans for the Summer, Charlotte? How long do we have the pleasure of your company?”

“No particular plans, Master. To be honest, I didn’t really think beyond getting back here…. but…”

“But?” he turns his head back towards me at the hesitation in my voice…. “But???” he repeats.

“Well, I can see that you and Michael are really busy. You must both be working so hard. I’ve never seen either of you like this before…. I was hoping I could stay with you for a few days, but would I be in the way?”

“Good lord, no!” My Master sits up sharply, sploshing hot water and bubbles in equal measure over the rim, soaking the expensive towels on the floor. “Don’t even think that Charlotte. The reason that Michael and I are both tired is that we have both been working long hours to get things done before you were back….”

He sounds unfinished. “Master? I’m not following you?”

“Charlotte, I am delighted to hear that you have no plans for Summer because I have been offered the use of a beach house. I thought that the three of us might enjoy some time there together.”

“Oooh!” I squeal, clapping my hands like an over-excited four-year-old, and dumping more foam out of the bath. My Master twists around, wearing an amused smile, and I remember my dignity. “Um, yes, that sounds wonderful. I’d love to. Who’s offered it to you, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“I don’t mind at all. As you know, I’m working on a contract for the company that owns this hotel, this apartment. I’d mentioned that I was planning a holiday and, I think in an effort to keep me in easy reach while the project is on-going, the CEO offered me the use of his holiday home.”

“Doesn’t he want to use it himself? It is Summer after all.”

“I gather he’s just bought himself a new place somewhere in the country. He got married recently, so he and his wife are busy setting up home together.”

“And we get the benefit? That’s wonderful. So….” I run his words through my head…. “You say that you’ll be on call. Are you going to have to work anyway?”

He rocks his hand from side to side. “Some, yes, but I’ve got the job more or less finished. It’s just a case of being within shouting distance if it hits any snags.”

“And Michael’s coming too?”

“Yup. He’s also been working his butt off, to be sure he can take the time away.”

I lie back in the bath, luxuriating in the hot water, and the feel of my Master’s firm, lean body nestling between my thighs. Right now, it does not feel erotic, but it is very, very sensual. I reach round to kiss him on the ear. “Thank you, Master. I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful Summer.”

The door clicks open, scented steam swirling all around us.

“Room in there for another?” asks Michael.copy right hot novel pub

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