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Buying the Virgin

The Girl Who Sold Herself - Chapter Forty

I scream and writhe, but pinned by the three men, I am going nowhere. And now, Daniel starts to thrust in earnest. Pressing in hard, he withdraws completely. Then he surges in again, all the way, full length, banging up against my inner walls. Out again. And in.

Quivering and trembling, with each stroke, I bawl in pain and triumph, as he bangs inside me. My body can’t take too much more of this, but I want more.

As he fucks me, Daniel looks down, watching me. He is such a beautiful man, his dark skin highlighted over toned muscles and firm flesh.

“How’s college-going, Charlotte?”



He wants to talk about college? Now? When he’s shoving the biggest cock I’ve ever seen inside me.

“Er, um, Ahhh… it’s going well.”

“Exams went well?”

“Yes, very… aaahhhh... very well.”

“How are your funds?”

Ah… Gotcha…

“Um, I’m okay.”

“But more cash is always handy eh?”

“Well, yes, of course…. aaahhhh…”

I look up, just in time to see him lock eyes with my Master for a moment.

“I’ll be happy to see you alright for more money, any time you want.”

I cannot speak. My insides are being stretched and pounded in amazing ways.

Daniel continues to piston into me.

“Last time we met,” he says, “You sucked me off. You want to do that again?”

Speechless with lust and pain and pleasure, I simply nod.

“Can I come in your mouth?”

Nod again. At his words, my pussy convulses, hot and wet.

“If I cream over your tongue, will you swallow? Or should I just spray your tits and face like I did last time?”

I nod again, my pussy spurting scalding juices over my thighs.

My Master’s silky tones. “Charlotte…”

“Yes, Daniel. I’ll swallow your cum.”

“Good!” And with a sucking sound, he pulls free of me, walking around the table. “Michael, could you support Charlotte, please. I think James would like to be at this end.”

With Michael supporting my head, and my Master now nestled between my thighs, laving my over-stretched cunt with his tongue, Daniel feeds me his cock.

As before, I stretch my jaws wide, and wider. “I’ll pull out at the last minute…” says Daniel, “…to give you chance to swallow. I’d like to watch you do that, and I know you can’t with your mouth full.”

I can’t nod. I just make a muffled “Mmmff.” noise.

Michael bends close to my ear for a moment, whispering “If it’s too much, bang the tabletop with your hand. Got that?”


In truth, my concentration is not good. My Master is softly torturing my clitoris with his lips and teeth, sending it into periodic spasms. I wonder if he intends for me to come before, or after, Daniel creams into my mouth.copy right hot novel pub

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