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Chapter 32

Roy was furious with his wolf. Why was it so stupid and insensitive not to realize that Kimberly doesn’t want to have anything intimate to do with him.

‘She would’ve loved our kiss.’ Roy’s wolf said, making him groan in frustration.

“You don’t get it, do you? She would end up hating us for the rest of her life.” Roy replied, hoping his wolf would shut up.

‘We could see it in her eyes, she wanted the kiss as much as we did.’

Roy could read Kimberly’s expression at that moment. He could tell she was expectant about something but, he wasn’t certain that it was a kiss.

“You only think that way cos she’s your mate.” Roy said with an eye roll before walking into his study.

He didn’t want to imagine how embarrassing it would’ve been if he had kissed Kimberly and she rejected him, that would’ve been one of the most awkward and embarrassing moment in his life.

Staring at his bandaged hand, he thought about how excited his wolf was when it felt her touch, making him face palm. His wolf was the reason he could barely control himself whenever he was around her.

Stupid wolf, Roy internally sighed, causing his wolf to growl before going silent.

That was what Roy needed at the moment, to be left alone and in peace. He stared at his injured hand again, this time wondering why he wasn’t feeling even the slightest bit of pain when he’s supposed to, because he decided not to use his healing abilities as a werewolf. He unwrapped the bandage to get answers, he was shocked at what he saw. He couldn’t believe it, his wound was completely healed.

“That’s impossible!” he gasped, staring confusedly at his hand and at the door.

“Who is she?”


Mr. Wright was starting to get worried about his daughter’s whereabouts. He was fully aware of the fact that she was an adult and could take care of herself without his help, but this time was different. Something wasn’t right and he could feel it, though he wasn’t sure what it was, he knew something was out of place. This is unlike Kimberly, not to call even once when she isn’t close to home.

She had promised to give him a call everyday, like he made her promise. He knew that wouldn’t be possible because of her possessive fiancé beside her, whom he could tolerate for being that way, as he’s barely home due to his service to the nation. She could’ve at least called to let him know that they had arrived safely.

Mr. Wright couldn’t help but feel uneasy about the negative feeling he was having in the pit of his stomach. It has been more than a week she went on that vacation with Ian, if he doesn’t get a call from his daughter within the next twenty four hours, he’d have no choice but to call the cops.copy right hot novel pub

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