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Chapter 34

'Did his mate just admit that she needs him? Did he hear that well?’ Of course he did. His wolf couldn’t help but jump in excitement, knowing that his mate wanted him too.

‘I told you' his wolf said, making Roy almost roll his eyes.

If the atmosphere wasn’t this tense, he sure would’ve done that.

He had no clue what he was doing until he found himself in front of Kimberly, with no gap between them. He could feel her warm minty breath, as he stared at her beautiful lips.

Not wasting any second, he leaned in and connected their lips. He could feel his heart beating so fast, making him wonder if this was actually real.

The kiss was gentle at first as he sucked her lips softly, but it turned heated pretty fast as he ran his tongue across her lower lip, causing her to release a low moan, giving him complete access. He trapped her waist as he felt her shiver. His wolf was howling with happiness from having his mate in his arms.

They have dreamt of this moment for so long, and it was finally a reality. Roy felt Kimberly’s small hands travel from his abs to his chest, stopping around his neck. Her tongue responded to his, as they were both lost in each other.

Roy was overpowered by desire, as his wolf was slowly taking over. His lips slowly moved to her neck, finding her sweet spot. She let out a moan when he found it, making him suck on it even more. He wanted to mark her so badly as he continued sucking on that spot. His canines were gradually extending and was about making contact with her skin when Roy realized that she wasn’t being honest with him.

That thought made him stop his action, as he was suddenly filled with anger. Kimberly stared at him in confusion, not understanding his sudden change of mind when she noticed he had a murderous glare on his face, making her tremble in fear. She slowly backed away.

“Roy? Wh- what’s wrong?” she quietly asked, still moving backwards

He growled and pushed her hard, making her back hit the wall with force. She whimpered in fear and pain as Roy walked towards her, until he had her pinned to the wall.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?!” he yelled in her face, causing her to sob.copy right hot novel pub

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