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Chapter 36

“How dare you tell me, you couldn’t bring her here!” Hugh yelled, throwing the desk across the room without a sweat.

“I-I’m sorry Alpha. The Alpha of the blue moon pack got involved, killing the others in the process.” Hugh’s beta replied, trembling before him.

His information made Hugh very pissed. He hates people getting involved in his business.

“I only survived because I ran away. It looks like she is in the care of Alpha Roy.” Donald continued, but before he would realize what was happening, he was pinned to the wall, his feet lifted up from off the ground as his Alpha strangled him, his claws digging into his skin.

“She is Mine, and Mine alone!” Hugh growled, his angry yellow eyes bore into his beta’s almost lifeless ones.

He threw his beta with so much force, making him slam his body hard against the wall. Donald’s vision started to blur, his strength leaving him.

“Get me Alan.” He heard his Alpha say before he went unconscious.


For three days, Kimberly remained locked in her bedroom, ignoring Christine’s everyday plea to come out and eat, she couldn’t stop herself from crying. They were all the same, all of them. They lied about everything from the beginning, acting like they cared, when in reality they didn’t. They are all monsters, blood thirsty monsters!

Kimberly had no idea why deep down she felt differently. It upsets her that she still feels a deep attraction towards Roy. The urge to run into his arms for comfort came every time and she hated that feeling. She was trying really hard to remain mad at him and feel betrayed and hurt by his actions, but was failing miserably.

Having a sudden need for fresh air, she stepped out of her bedroom, carefully making her way downstairs. She tiptoed to make sure Christine doesn’t hear or see her, but oh was she wrong.

“Thank goodness you’re okay, you got me quite worried.” Christine suddenly said out of nowhere, making her cringe.

How did she know that she was out of her bedroom?

“I didn’t mean to scare you. I-uh perceived your scent and couldn’t help but check on you... I know you’re now aware of everything. I’m so sorry, we had to keep it away from you to prevent you from getting scared of us.”

Bloody werewolf senses! She could’ve made it to the door unnoticed if they were humans, Kimberly thought to herself feeling slightly annoyed.

“Sweetie, I know you must be hungry. I made…”

“I need some fresh air.” Kimberly said, cutting her off. This made Christine really sad, Kimberly could see it. She was a bit touched and had wanted to immediately apologize, but she had to keep up her act.

“O-okay. Go ahead.copy right hot novel pub

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