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Chapter 37

It has been four days, four days of hell for Roy. Kimberly has refused to see him or have anything to do with him, which saddens and upsets him at the same time, causing him to lash out his frustration on his pack members. He didn’t mean to do any of that, but he desperately needed somewhere to let out some steam as his wolf was slowly losing it. It so desperately wanted to go into Kimberly’s room to mark and claim her as his for days now, but Roy has been trying to contain his wolf’s yearning for its mate and it was beginning to take a toll on him.

He needs to talk to someone and get this torment out of his chest and he knows just the right person to talk to.

With that final conclusion, he stood up from his study chair and headed for his bedroom to freshen up. He didn’t have an idea what his room looked like at the moment, as had deprived himself from having a proper sleep for days. He hoped that after his visit, everything will go back to normal.

Alan just finished having breakfast Christine made. While he took out the dishes, Alan couldn’t help but wonder what his mate has been up to lately as she was hardly ever home for quite some time now. She has been going out on a regular basis and he has been meaning to ask her what her frequent outings were about, but with everything that has been happening lately, he couldn’t find the time to ask. He guess, it wasn’t necessary at the moment because he has a bigger issue on his plate.

He couldn’t get any sleep all night as he kept wondering why Hailey decided to show up all of a sudden, she was really eager to leave then, so why would she return after so many years.

What baffled him the most was, why was she in their pack and not the white moon pack where she belonged. He was certain that Hailey wasn’t aware of the events that took place after her departure, so why did she chose to come here?

There are so many questions he wanted to ask her, but first, he needed to speak with Roy. He couldn’t understand why he had a member of the white moon pack under his care and decided to keep it away from him. This is the first time Roy is hiding something from him.

Alan was brought out of his trance by a knock on his door, he quickly turned off the faucet and wiped his hand with a towel before leaving the kitchen, to go get the door.

“Uncle, are you busy?” Roy asked the moment his uncle opened the door.

To say Alan was surprised to see Roy was an understatement. Roy has never been to his place this early, there must be something bothering him. Roy’s presence was also to his advantage, as he hadn’t decided when he would have that conversation about Hailey with him. He just had to make use of this sudden visit to do that.

“Good morning to you too, Roy.copy right hot novel pub

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