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Chapter 38

Roy drove his uncle back to his house. When they approached the door, he suddenly stopped and turned to face Alan.

“I want you to explain everything to her, carefully, because as it is, she is already mad at the fact that we aren’t humans… I want her so badly, but I don’t want to scare her away. I’m willing to go at her own pace, no matter how long it takes” he explained to his uncle, who gave his shoulder a light squeeze, to assure him that everything would be fine.

Alan could now tell that what was eating Roy up was the fear of rejection. The fear of waiting for so long only to get rejected. Roy had always been apprehensive about finding his mate. It too him quite awhile to convince his nephew that he wasn’t going to suffer the same fate as Hugh. Now that he has finally found his mate, that fear has returned. He gave Roy an understanding smile and the latter let out a deep sigh before opening the door.


He held her waist even tighter, pulling her closer to him as their mouths moved in sync. Kimberly let Ian’s lips explore her neck as she melted into his touch. His mouth always worked wonders on her skin. She ran her fingers down his abs, to enjoy its firmness. He slowly sucked on her sweet spot as she let out breathy moans while having a tight grip on his hair to keep her knees from giving out, earning a low groan from Ian who was already slowly kissing his way down to her jawline.

“I love you, Kim. I love you so much” his breath lingered against hers as he whispered those words in that sexy voice that drove Kimberly crazy.

She opened her eyes to gaze into those lovely blue ones, but was shocked to see captivating grey ones staring back at her. All along, she was in a heated make out session with Roy and not Ian.

“No, no, no” she mumbled to herself, slowly backing away from him in disbelief.

Everything started to get blurry as she suddenly found herself in her bedroom in Roy’s house, breathing heavily as bids of sweat formed on her forehead. She frantically looked at her surrounding and realized that she was indeed still at Roy’s place and not back home with Ian.copy right hot novel pub

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