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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 103 All of This Is A Setup

I watched Ethan turn around and leap into the air, his fur and paws appearing as he shifted from his human form into his massive wolf form before hitting the ground. The guards also shifted as they were chasing after him, but Ethan was fast and powerful. I had a feeling they wouldn‘t catch him. Not unless they got lucky. Once he was gone, I turned around and dropped on my knees next to Soren. Seraphine arrived, too, bringing her black bag. “I‘m so sorry you‘re hurt,” I said, cradling his head in my lap. Seraphine arrived soon after the guards. Even in this chaos, Soren didn‘t forget to have someone look after mê and the baby After briefly checking me, Seraphine went about patching Soren up. Soren didn‘t say anything at first. He only reached up and touched my face, a smile on his lips. I felt a tear slide from my eye. This one wasn‘t over Ethan, though. It was because I felt so guilty from all of the awful decisions I had made over the last few days. Thad a caring friend here who had been supporting me all along, yet I was willing to turn my back on him so quickly and run back to the man who had said he would kill me. As Soren was holding me, I realized he was slumping a bit. “Soren!” | exclaimed. “Your injuries are worse than you were letting on!” I looked down to see that he was bleeding through his bandages. “I‘m fine,” he said, trying to reassure me, but a thin veil of sweat covered him, and it was beading up on his lip. He definitely wasn‘t fine. “Let‘s get you to the house first.” I turned to Soren‘s men, “Help please!” The guards, who had been giving us some space to speak to one another in private, but still lingered nearby, moved upon my orders, and two of them slung Soren‘s arms around their necks. They moved briskly, but carefully, back to the house, taking him inside as Seraphine waited at the door and shouted, “The doctor is here to help him.” “Take him to my room,” I insisted, intending to follow him inside, but Seraphine stopped me. “Let‘s give the doctor some room, dear,” she said. “I did my best to bandage him up, and I believe he‘ll be just fine, but the doctor is the one who can help him the most.copy right hot novel pub

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