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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 112 How Rosalie Managed To Get Out?

**Ethan’s POV

My time on the frontline was fruitful. We were able to win several victories and reclaim two bases that the enemy had taken from us. Leading my warriors into battle was invigorating. Letting my wolf run, sinking my teeth into the flesh of my enemy feeling the thrill of victory. I had missed all of that.

Now, with the enemy’s supplies jeopardized and his troops in disarray, many of them breaking ranks and retreating, 1 decided it was time to leave the frontline and go take care of some of my other pressing matters.

Returning to the capital without Rosalie was heartbreaking, but I couldn’t focus on that at the moment.

When I reached the castle, I stayed focused on the information I needed to tell James.

I didn’t let my mind slip back to her- I didn’t let my mind return to that night we’d spent in the woods together, locked in each other’s arms amidst a thousand fireflies…

Soldiers and guards rushed in dozens of directions as I made my way down the hall toward the war room, knowing that’s where I’d find King James and the others who were waiting to hear everything that i’d discovered while I was gone.

I hadn’t accomplished the assassination I’d hoped to, but then, I questioned myself, deep down inside, would I really kill Soren?

The information James needed, though, I had that.

“Alpha, welcome back!” Talon said, spying me at the entrance of the castle.

It was good to see my Beta. However, I couldn’t even bring myself to smile at him, even though I truly was happy to see him.

The carefree, happy version of myself that I had been learning to embrace while I was with Rosalie had vanished without a trace.

I only nodded in response and continued to walk. “How are things?”

“Other than the recent victories, nothing new. Rogues have been attacking sporadically as of late, but so far, we have been able to manage it.”

“What about Romero? What has he been doing?” By now, I knew those from the islands were not real friends, and we had been keeping an eye on them.

“I have had someone following him. It seems he has been more interested in making new friends in the capital than worrying about the war.”

That wasn’t unexpected. The war hadn’t impacted the islands much, so he was less concerned about the war than the rest of the group. However, if he ever wanted to establish power on the mainland, he would need to rely on someone else.

Speaking of the devil, I saw Romero and his Beta, Damian, turn the corner and walk towards us.

“What a pleasure to have you back, Alpha Ethan!” Romero greeted me cheerfully. His Beta, Damian, lowered his head to show his respect.

“Thank you!” I simply nodded. I really had no interest in socializing with the cunning bastard who had enabled Soren’s deeds on the islands. “Excuse me, but the King is waiting for me.”

Romero smiled understandably. “Of course, of course, carry on!”

I nodded and walked past them.

Those from the islands were not friends; we were already fully aware now.

However based on Romero’s reaction, I doubt he knew I ever set foot on his island. I wondered whether Soren would tell Romero what happened on Papeno.

If I were Soren, why would I alert Romeo about my failure, knowing Romero would work with the side that had a higher likelihood to win?

I sneered. Romero might think he was smart playing games with both sides, but in reality, he was more likely playing with fire on both sides.

“Talon, from now on, keep an eye on everyone from the islands. Not just Romero.”

“Yes, Alpha!”

We stopped talking as we approached the war room.

Talon sniffed a couple times. “Are you… injured?” he asked, coming up beside me.

He probably smelled the blood on my shirt, or maybe I was limping slightly. It didn’t matter. I only grumbled in response.

“You should go to the infirmary,” he said.copy right hot novel pub

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