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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 113 Beta Damian and the Luna Queen

“Alpha! What do you mean? She managed to escape? Did you really mean that,”

As soon as Talon confirmed that we were alone in my room, he blurted his questions at me.

I realized just how close the rest of the pack members were to Rosalie. Why I didn’t listen to them while they talked to me about her in the past was beyond me.

However, Talon was hesitant to ask me the question directly. I knew that he was worried about being too hopeful and getting disappointing news. I could understand that. So I told him, “Yes, she’s alive.”

He let out the breath he’d been holding and asked me, “Do you mind me sitting down?”

I gestured for him to take the couch as I leaned back in my chair.

After he took his seat, he asked, “She’s in the Denali Islands?”

I nodded again, knowing what his next question would be

“So why didn’t you bring her back?” he asked, as expected.

I answered bitterly, “Because I f*cked up.”

He was quiet. I rarely needed to explain anything or admit my mistakes to him. He was probably not used to my blunt answer.

Talon thought for a moment and asked, “Anything to do with Soren?”

“That b*stard tricked her.”

Talon was immediately nervous. “Shall we send men to the island to rescue her then?”

“No, not now.” I stopped him. “Believe me, I want to get her back as soon as I possibly can, but she is safe at this moment.”

Soren wouldn’t let anything happen to her now that he knew he could use her as leverage against me. If anything, he would protect her for as long as I was a threat to him,

Talon seemed a little confused, but I knew my Beta couldn’t doubt me if I told him Rosalie was safe. He was concerned, though. “Alpha, are you okay? Did anything happen between you two?”

I shook my head. “That’s not important right now. I need to understand how Rosalie was able to fake her death and get away.”

That wasn’t something I would ever ask her, and even if I did, I doubt she would have ever told me.

Talon’s focus switched back to the things I wanted him to concentrate on. “You mean someone here helped her?”

“Help or not, I can’t say, but if she was able to get to the islands, she couldn’t have done that all alone.”

Talon took a few seconds to sort through his thoughts and came to the conclusion, “If Rosalie was able to get out, the biggest suspects are Romero and Madalynn.”

I nodded, “Yes, but I don’t think Rosalie would ever accept Romero’s help knowing what he wanted from her. And I don’t think Madalynn has the kind heart to go through all the trouble just to help Rosalie.”

Talon shook his head. “You’re right. I also overheard Madalynn talking to her maid once. She was very certain and happy that Rosalie had died. We just don’t know exactly what role she played in the whole thing.”

I felt my blood boiling when I heard Rosalie’s name and the word “died” in the same sentence.

I gritted my teeth. “I need to know exactly what Madalynn did. Also, there’s one more person from the islands we can


“Romero’s Beta Damian?”

“Yes. Have you found out more about him since I asked?”

Talon nodded. “Yes. We found Damian has been very active, but I’m not sure how it may be related to Rosalie, at least from the surface.”

“Okay,” I acknowledged. “Go on.”

“He has been friendly with James for one, and two, he is rumored to have…” Talon seemed to be searching for the right terms to describe what he wanted to say, “befriended quite a few maids.”

If Damian simply f*ck around, I knew Talon wouldn’t bring this up to me. He continued, “I interacted with Damian in the past, and I didn’t think he was the type who constantly needed attention from women.copy right hot novel pub

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