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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 116: Wedding Day Confirmation

Chapter 116: Wedding Day Confirmation

**Madalynn’s POV

Who did Talon think he was, anyway?

He was a Beta-not a Luna! He couldn’t tell me when I could see my fiance!

I rushed over to my father’s suite, determined not to let what happened yesterday happen again today. Talon hadn’t let me see Ethan when I’d wanted to speak to him yesterday, but he wasn’t going to stop me now.

Not if I could help it, anyway.

As I turned the corner near my father’s room in a rush, I ran into someone. She gasped, and almost lost her balance.

It was unbelievable how those b*tches could be so clumsy. I scolded her, “Do you not know how to walk?!”

She looked at me, wide-eyed, like a doe, staring into a bright light. Then I recognized her- the awful maid who used to serve Rosalie. Her name. whatever that was.


that d*mn Rosalie! If it wasn’t for her, Ethan would’ve already been mine! And this b*tch served her!

“What the h*ll do you think you’re looking at, b*tch?”

“N-nothing,” she stammered, dropping her gaze.

Snapping my fingers at my guards, I insisted, “Bring her.”

“No, please!” she screeched, but they had her in their grasps and dragged her harshly the last few steps to my father’s room.

We burst through the door. He wasn’t in the sitting area, which was just as well. It would give me a few moments alone with this wh*re before I went to talk to him.

“Please, Miss Mad-” she began, but my open palm connected with her pale cheek before she could get the words out.

The slap left her face red, her head snapping to the side as tears rolled from her eyes. She didn’t fall, though, because my men were holding her.

I liked the sound of a good slap, skin on skin. “Shut up, b*tch,” I told her as I let loose again. “I know who you are. I know where your loyalty lies.” I hit her again. This time, I used my fist and made her pretty pink mouth a shade of crimson.

She whimpered, but it was hard to hear her over my guards’ laughter. I hit her a few more times before I grabbed the top of her hair and yanked her down to her knees twisting her neck so she was forced to look up at me. “Listen, b*tch, if you don’t want to become my permanent punching bag, no one hears about this, got it?”

“Y-yes, Miss Madalynn,” she said, coughing blood.

“Luna Madalynn,” I corrected her.

“L-luna,” she managed.

I laughed again and then shoved my knuckles up into her chin before I heard my father’s office door open. “Madalynn, what are you doing?” he asked. “Let her be.”

Sighing, I let her go and waved my hand so the guards would take her away. My father walked back into his office, and I took a moment to recompose myself. I’d had my fun, but now I needed to get my thoughts back together.

All of this waiting around was really starting to get to me. I didn’t know how much longer I could wait for Ethan to finally make me his Luna. The longer he waited, the more likely that he might change his mind.

I couldn’t let that happen.

Now that he was back in the capital, I knew I needed to do something. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands

But I likely couldn’t do it on my own. I needed an ally. Someone I could trust.

Without knocking, I pushed my way into my father’s office. He had returned to his desk and was working on some boring paperwork. I let out a loud sigh, attempting to get him to look up, but he just sat there like he didn’t hear me.

So I did it again. This time, he grunted and looked up, setting his pen aside and looking at me like I was interrupting something important. “What is it now, Madalynn?”

“I want to marry Ethan, Father. And I want to marry him now.” I folded my arms and looked down at the floor between my heels. I couldn’t help but pout a bit. I thought that, by now, I’d be the Luna, his Luna, standing proudly next to him, and calling the most gorgeous man my mate.

“You need to be patient, Madalynn,” my father said. “You have to give Ethan a chance to get back into the routine of being here. He’s only just returned from his time at the front.”

“But what if he leaves again, and I haven’t even gotten a chance to have the wedding?” I turned around and headed to the balcony that overlooked a garden. It was a nice day, but I couldn’t even enjoy it. Every day may as well be cloudy and overcast without Ethan following through with his promise to make me his wife.

The screech of my father’s chair across the floor told me he was abandoning his precious paperwork and coming to his little girl in my time of need. At least someone cared about me.

I felt his heavy hand on my arm and turned to look at me.copy right hot novel pub

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