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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 117: A Wedding No One Would Ever Forget

Chapter 117: A Wedding No One Would Ever Forget

**Ethan’s POV

“Alpha, shouldn’t you be getting ready? The wedding will start in thirty minutes.” Talon entered my office,

I flipped over another page of the intel report. •

“I’m ready.” I replied without looking up.

“Alpha, just to put your wedding suit on will take you more than half an hour.” Talon brought in the clothes and laid them on my bed. “Also, the dressing experts are waiting to serve you. They are outside of your door right now.”

I put down my files and looked at my Beta. In the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the clothes-snow-white shirt, black jacket with coattails, golden wolf cufflinks.

I’d never wear something so stupid.

“So? Have I ever said I would change?”

It was Madalynn’s wedding day, and I was supposed to be the groom. However, I felt more like I was being prepared to be put to death.

“I can’t believe you’re going through with this,” Talon said, leaning against the table across the room. He was already dressed in a similar suit since he was to be my best man.

“It has to be done,” I said, firmly. “You know that better than anyone.”

“I do know that,” he said. “And of course I will stand beside you, no matter what.”

I looked him in the eye and said, “I appreciate that.”

Talon looked away. He wasn’t used to my kindness. He cleared his throat. “Vicky said that she had to go with Madalynn to a dress shop that was not open, however, Madalynn found out who the owner was, and forced them to open it just for her. It took her hours to pick out one that she found suitable. When she finally chose one, she insisted on alterations that the dress shop owner said would take her all night to get done. Madalynn’s only response was, ‘And?’.”

Talon shook his head and picked up a glass of whisky off of the table, taking a long drink. “However, that wasn’t the terrible part of what I heard.”

I arched an eyebrow, not sure whether I wanted to waste more time on anything related to Madalynn.

“The dress shop owner had a newborn at home who she was nursing. She begged Madalynn to allow her to go home to feed the baby since she had already been out for a few hours. Madalynn said, ‘the sooner you’re done, the sooner you can go, so focus.’Vicky had to send men to bring the baby over, fought with Madalynn’s guards, and finally was able to get the woman to feed her child in the middle of the night.”

I knew my expression probably didn’t look too kind at the moment.

I heard similar reports. Madalynn had become more of a monster than usual, barking orders and making demands. She had insisted on waking the jeweler in the middle of the night to try on necklaces and earrings.copy right hot novel pub

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