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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 118 What Happened That Night – Part One

Chapter 118 What Happened That Night – Part One

**Talon’s POV

I took a deep breath.

My Alpha owed me big, again!

Then I stepped up in front of everyone at Ethan and Madalynn’s sham wedding and commanded that they regain their seats so that I could explain the situation.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” I began, as they all quieted down and reclaimed their chairs. A silence finally fell over the crowd of curious guests as the eyes of over three hundred of the most prestigious visitors in the capital were all on me, including Madalynn, who was still outraged, and her father, as well as the king and queen, who were perplexed at Ethan’s behavior, to say the least.

“As most of you know, many months ago, my Alpha Ethan took a breeder, an Alpha’s daughter, named Rosalie, to ensure that he had an heir.”

Most of the people in the crowd nodded along with me, though some looked surprised.

“I don’t see what she has to do with anything!” Madalynn began.

I bowed to the King, and requested politely, “Please allow me to finish, my King.”

The king raised a hand to stop her and nodded to me to gestered that I continue. Madalynn’s eyes bulged from her head, but she closed her mouth.

I nodded in appreciation and continued, “Tragically, we all thought that Miss Rosalie took her own life a couple of months ago, for reasons we were not sure of. However, recently Alpha Ethan became aware that Rosalie didn’t take her own life at all.”

Murmurs went up all over the crowd, and I let them linger for a few moments for dramatic effect. I also watched Madalynn’s reaction out of the corner of my eye, but once I was certain the crowd was ready for me to move on, I

did so.

“It wasn’t Miss Rosalie who came up with this scheme. Her death was planned, and the person who planned it was-” | turned to point at the bride, “unfortunately, Miss Madalynn.”

“Lies! Those are all lies!” Madalynn shouted, her face a garish horror as she twisted her mouth to make her point heard.

The king bellowed, “Silence!”

This time, one of the royal guards stepped forward and warned Madalynn, “Please be quiet, or I’ll have to force you to”

Madalynn bit her lower lips hard, and her whole body started to tremble, but she didn’t fight any further.

I then took the time to explain, “Miss Madalynn not only arranged to have Miss Rosalie killed, but also went about fooling Alpha Ethan and everyone else, including the king, by having an innocent woman, a poor maid, murdered on the cliffs one rainy evening so that she would be the only one left for Ethan to turn to!”

The crowd gasped, and it was so quiet.

Madalynn jumped up again and screamed, “Liar! How dare you ruin my reputation, 1-” This time, she couldn’t finish because the royal guard covered her mouth with his hand after forcing her to sit back down.

King James demanded stermly. “Beta Talon, you are accusing a young lady of a serious crime, and I do not wish to hear more unless you have evidence.”

| acknowledged his request, and nodded, “Of course, my King! My first witness is a young soldier.”

I waved my hand, and a few of my guards brought out the young man in question. He was only a boy, really, only eighteen. He was so nervous that he couldn’t even stand up straight.

| softened my tone when speaking to him, “Just tell the truth, you’ll be fine.”

“Yes… yes! Beta Talon!”

“Were you the one who told everyone to go to the cliff and led us to believe that the person standing next to the cliff was Miss Rosalie?”

“I… I didn’t know… someone told me to tell Alpha Ethan that, so… so I did.”

| asked, “Who was that person?”.

He pointed to Madalyn, “It was Miss Madalynn.”

Madalynn was able to break free and raised her voice so everyone could hear, “How ridiculous! Was that the

evidence?! That night was so chaotic, and that was just what I saw. Was there anything wrong with it?”

The crowd seemed to agree with her, however, I smiled and nodded, “I understand. That’s why, please allow me to present to you the second witness, also a soldier. Private Sutton.”

Private Sutton’s head was downcast, and he was brought out by two guards with his arms chained. Exactly how she convinced him to do her bidding, I wasn’t sure, but he had confessed to everything.

Madalynn’s eyes widened when she saw him.copy right hot novel pub

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