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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 119 What Happened That Night – Part Two

Chapter 119 What Happened That Night – Part Two

The crowd was shocked that he had the audacity to try to argue for his daughter’s forgiveness with all the evidence provided

King James stared at him a moment before he said, “Interject-what?”

“I am equally appalled by Madalynn’s behavior,” Romero stated, surprising us all again. Turning to his daughter, he said, “Madalynn, you are a disgrace to this family and to this pack. I believe every word of what Talon has said today is true, and I have put up with your sneaky, conniving behavior for too long. I believe the best punishment for you would be that you leave the capital immediately!”

“You mean… to return to our pack, Father?” Madalynn asked, her hands trembling with fear as she clearly prayed that was all he meant.

“No,” Romero said. “It pains me very deeply to say this to you, Madalynn, but from now on, you are no longer my daughter. I have no daughter. From now on, you are not a member of my pack. You are a rogue!”

“What?” Madalynn screeched. “No! Father, please!” she said. “You can’t do that!”

Romero looked to King James for permission, and the king said, “So be it!” and signaled for the guards to take Madalynn away.

“No! Father, no!” Madalynn shouted as the guards came and dragged the bride off of the dais. Romero had tears in his eyes as he turned and walked away. He had intended to give his daughter away that day, but not like that.

King James turned to me and said, “You’re one hall of a beta, Talon.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I only replied, “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

He wasn’t happy with me, or to be precise, he wasn’t happy with my Alpha.

Regardless of Madalynn’s behavior, what we did had officially cut off the political collaboration between the Isles of Denalis and our Drogomor pack.

Ethan did this without consulting the king and left the king no other options. So of course, King James wouldn’t be happy. However, the king wasn’t happy with Romero’s working with the West either. I guess, like my Alpha said, the king would have to deal with it.”

The king clapped my shoulder and helped the queen to stand up so they could both exit.

To my surprise, the queen walked over and asked concernedly, “So is the breeder…. Rosalie still alive?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, thank you for asking.”

Before she left, she smiled and nodded her head, “What a relief.”

Everyone else was leaving as well.

I let out a long breath, thanking the Goddess the drama was over.

I hadn’t expected for things to go as well as they had, but the fact that Madalynn was now out of the picture was what Ethan had wanted. There would no longer be the constant questioning towards him about marriage.

Instead, he would be able to carry on with his missions without disturbance.

“Alpha,” I called out as I entered his office, seeing him sitting behind his desk going over new paperwork that had obviously been delivered this morning, “it’s done.

He looked up to me with a smirk of satisfaction. “Good. What did James say?”

“Not much, because Romero declared Madalynn a roque, so the king just had her escorted from the capital.”

Ethan’s brow perked at the notion that she was now a rogue removed from the royal life she was accustomed to. “That’s it?”

| sighed. “I know. However, with Romero around, the king wouldn’t really be able to sentence his daughter to death.”

Ethan commented, “Romero is indeed an old fox.” I understood what Ethan meant. By proposing the punishment himself as a father and as the alpha of his pack, others would try to respect Romero’s decision, as long as it’s somewhat acceptable. Even the king would just let it be.copy right hot novel pub

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