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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 120 Ethan Was There For Me

Chapter 120 Ethan Was There For Me

**Rosalie’s POV

I hadn’t been feeling well all day. What I had thought could potentially be indigestion turned into some fairly severe cramps by early afternoon, and when Seraphine came to check on me, she took one look at my abdomen and said, “Miss Ro, dear, you’re in labor!”

Stunned, I said, “But… it’s not time yet. We still have a few days.”

Seraphine laughed. “Babies come on their own schedule, not ours. Let’s get you more comfortable, and then I’ll do a thorough check to see about how much time we have.”

I didn’t argue with her. As terrified as I was of actually giving birth, I was ready to have my baby with me. I trusted Seraphine that she knew how to take care of me, and I had no doubt that she would ensure a safe delivery for me and my baby.

As I went into the bathroom to change into a loose-fitting nightdress, she put a mattress protector on the bed and got together all of the things she would need for the birth. I didn’t know exactly what all of those were, but when I came out, I felt that she was ready.

I climbed into bed, and Seraphine checked to see what station I was and how far effaced. “Oh, yeah,” she said with a smile as she covered me with a sheet. “It shouldn’t be too long now. Especially if your contractions keep coming so steadily. Let’s time the next few and see how close together they are.”

I nodded and then let her know when the next one started. So far, they hadn’t been that painful, and I intended to do everything naturally. As far as I knew, Seraphine didn’t even have any pain medication there if I wanted it, though || thought she might have some tools to help her if there was an emergency.

Over the next few hours, the contractions continued to come regularly, intensifying, and lasting longer. Eventually, they got to the point where I thought they might be too painful for me to handle, but Seraphine reminded me that I knew how to breathe through them. This was something we’d been working on for a long time.

I knew how to do this. I was in charge of my body, and I could keep myself calm and in control.

“I think it’s time to start pushing,” Seraphine said. “Do you want me to call Mr. Soren?”

“No!” I cried out. “I don’t want anyone else here. Just us.”

She looked a bit taken aback, but she nodded. “That’s fine, dear. Whatever you’d like.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell,” I said, feeling bad for raising my voice.

Seraphine laughed. “Are you kidding? You’re having a baby! I’ve had much worse than a bit of yelling go on when a woman is in labor. All right. Remember how I told you to push?”

I nodded. I remembered how to do it.

“Then, with the next contraction, that’s what we’ll do.”

Seraphine coached me through the pushing. She counted for me and encouraged me, and I pushed for what seemed like forever. I was dripping sweat, and even with the windows open and a fan on, I felt like I was burning up. The baby wasn’t making a lot of progress. I could see on Seraphine’s face that she was worried.

“The baby is being… stubborn,” she said.copy right hot novel pub

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