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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 121 I Hadn’t Missed The Birth of Our Baby

Chapter 121 I Hadn’t Missed The Birth of Our Baby

**Ethan’s POV

“Keep pushing them!’I shouted to my warriors using the mind-link, watching yet another line of our enemies break. Dozens of wolves gave way, their line crumbling as my superior forces came over a ridge and bore down on them, their snouts dripping with blood as they gnashed their teeth and howled up at the sky.

Thung back a bit to survey the situation, though I’d had my share of torn muscle and blood in my mouth and beneath my claws. We were winning, pushing them back, and it wouldn’t be long until this force was routed as well.

We would win this war. I couldn’t wait!

And then, I would run to Rosalie, and would never leave her side.

‘Press forward!’ I told them, taking a few steps forward myself to join them, when suddenly a strange sensation overcame me.

The world seemed to turn on its side, and I swayed slightly, trying to keep my balance as a pain in my abdomen radiated throughout me. It ebbed and flowed for a moment but then shifted, and that tug, that magnetic pull I’d felt so many times before when my baby was near, hit me so strongly, I nearly had to sit down.

Like a powerful wave crashing down on me, the pull lunged at my abdomen, tugging on my insides, and the sensation that everything within me was about to come out was overwhelming. But it wasn’t painful. It was a slipping, sliding motion, like going down a slide, and it was freeing in a way I couldn’t explain. The pain had only lasted a moment, and then it was gone.

Almost as quickly as it had come, the entire moment dissipated, and I found myself standing back on the battlefield, watching my warriors disappear over the ridge. The world had righted itself, the tug was only the minor pull that had never released me since I’d learned that Rosalie was alive, and the pain was the shadow of an ache that always remains after an injury.

I blinked a few times and looked around. No one was paying any attention to me. My entire world had just shifted, and no one had even noticed.

What did this mean?

My heart was thumping. Was that…my child?

I had no way of knowing for sure, but I took note of where the sun was in the sky so I’d have some idea of what time it was. I knew the date already.

Someday, I would find out exactly when my child was born, and I’d want to know if the birth corresponded to what just happened to me.

Rosalie could run to the ends of the earth, but she couldn’t sever the bonds I felt with my child, or with her.

Nothing could ever dissolve the connection I had with them, and what I had just experienced was all the proof I needed that I was meant to be with my baby-and her.

With the feeling inside of me that I was meant to be elsewhere, that my child was coming now, I surged up the ravine, attempting to join my troops in the rout of the enemy. ‘Keep the line together!’ I commanded using the mind

-link, but just as I crested the top of the high ground, a sharp pain hit me low in the abdomen. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.

I felt my knees buckle, and even though I knew I hadn’t been injured, I found myself falling.

Gravity claimed me, and my body tumbled down the slope. It wasn’t far, but the ground was rocky, and as I fell, I was aware that the old wounds I had received in other battles, and even those I had gotten while fighting against Soren were opening up. The scent of blood filled my lungs as I came to a halt at the bottom of the ravine.

i lay there for a moment, trying to get my bearings, but that blinding pain I’d experienced before, one completely unrelated to any of my wounds, took over, preventing me from standing.

A few enemy wolves spotted me, and in a blink of an eye, four of them surrounded me. I fended off two of them but the third leaped on me and pinned me down, as the fourth opened his mouth to try to penetrate my side with his sharp fangs…


I could feel the blood around my neck leaking out, but the other two wolves also had gotten up from the ground and were coming back for me. Suddenly, the one that was biting me loosened up and collapsed.

Alpha? Are you okay?’ One of my warriors finally noticed my situation and was able to rush back to help.

I’m fine,’ I told him, using the mind-link. Thanks, man.’I felt some cold sweat. That was really close.

But then. I wasn’t able to move, and the pain wasn’t letting up. I tried to control my breathing for a few seconds, and when I was finally able to move again, I started dashing back to our base. As soon as I reached the safe range, could no longer hold my strength, and crumbled on the ground.

In a matter of moments, warriors in their human forms were there, lifting me off of the ground. I was in too much pain to shift, and my side was bleeding.

The last thing I wanted was to be carried from the battlefield, but at least we were winning. ‘Don’t worry, Alpha!’ Richard said, his wolf looking confident. ‘We’ve got this!


I nodded at him, but the blinding pain radiating all throughout my lower body was so intense, even when I opened my mouth to speak, no words came out.

The warriors carried me away, and I heard them speaking about a nearby village. I didn’t know where they were taking me. I just wanted some sort of relief from this horrendous pain, especially since I didn’t know the source. We had pack healers with us, but I didn’t know if any of them were trained to treat this sort of torturous ailment.

The village was small, but many of the citizens were still there, our warriors making it so they felt safe enough not to evacuate when the enemy troops came close. As they carried me down the main street, many of them came out to stare at me, and then, I heard an older woman speaking my name.

“Alpha Ethan Gray!”

The warriors who were carrying me stopped in their tracks. I lifted my head slightly to see her standing directly in our path.

She must’ve been at least eighty, with hunched shoulders and long, gray hair that fell in tangled curls down to her waist. Her face was wrinkled, and her eyes were nearly white and unblinking, which told me that she was blind.

I wondered how she had known it was me.copy right hot novel pub

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