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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 122 Ethan Did What?!

Chapter 122 Ethan Did What?!

**Soren’s POV

*Ethan did what?!” I asked as my right-hand man came into my office.

“Yes, sir, it’s in the headlines everywhere. ‘Royal Wedding Turns Into Judgment’ is the title of the article talking about it.’ Thomas said, “Gutsy move, I gotta say. He’s really not into that Madalynn, huh?” “Not funny!” I frowned, “Make sure Rosalie doesn’t know about it.”

“Yes, boss.”

“What else?”

“Ethan went back to the frontline, and we lost three more bases at the coast.”

“D*mn it,” I muttered under my breath. I needed to think of something. I wouldn’t let Ethan win this war. “What about the north?”

“Not too bad, given the last batch actually arrived at the north before Ethan ambushed our supply vessels.”

Ever since Ethan had left the island, our line had been pushed back significantly. Whatever he’d managed to do, he’d done a hill of a job at it.

I saw him pull out an envelope from his pocket. “Also, a letter for you. From Damian.” He held it out to me, and I took it, keeping my eyes on Thomas as I ripped the envelope open.

My eyes quickly scanned the letter. It wasn’t too long, and there wasn’t much in the few brief paragraphs that I didn’ t already know, but Damian was keeping me abreast of what was going on in the capital, as he should be.

“Anything important?” Thomas asked me as I ripped the letter into tiny bits and tossed it into the trash can so it couldn’t be read by anyone else.

“Yes and no. Ethan is becoming difficult to deal with. Apparently, he’s getting a bit arrogant, thanks to his victories in the war effort of late,” I told him as I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a piece of paper in order to respond to Damien.

This letter writing was getting old. I cursed Ethan again for cutting our lines of communication.

I looked up at Thomas and pressed my lips together, irritated. “We must prevent him from getting too much of a big head.”

“Got it. We have been speeding up our plan, boss.”

“Good. Also, news about the queen.”

Thomas thought for a minute and asked, “Are we going to let Damian know what we found out about Rosalie?”

I tipped my head to look at Thomas. I answered, “No. I don’t want any trouble right now.”

Quickly, I fred off a response.

I had to be discreet, but I hoped Damian would be able to decipher that I may have an answer for him regarding his inquiry for the queen,

Just as I was placing the letter into the envelope, I heard a commotion outside of my office door. I finished addressing the envelope and handed it to Thomas as there was a knock on my door,

“What is it? I asked, curious as to what all the noise could be about.

“Sir, you’re being summoned to Miss Ro’s house at once,” the staff member said, “Apparently, she’s just given birth.

I stood. “Just given birth?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.copy right hot novel pub

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