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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 124 Georgia And Talon

Chapter 124 Georgia And Talon

**Georgia’s POV

The frozen dim light of day caused small puffs of white clouds to escape my lips as I ran. There was no stopping now. The tracks I had made through the forest towards the small village ahead were for a purpose.

Cuts and scrapes from the branches and fallen trees lined my skin, but it was worth it to lead the roques right where I wanted them.

Their fiery hunger echoed through the forest in a mixture of growls and snarls that caused my stomach to twist in anticipation

“Sh*t.” The word escaped me as I stumbled over a dip in the ground, running my shoulder into a nearby tree.

*That’s going to hurt later,” I muttered, however, stopping at this moment wasn’t an option.

I had to get there-I had to reach the hideout.

Breaking the tree line, my feet moved faster towards a nearby village with smoke filled air. I couldn’t wait to lure the rogues into it. They did not know what was awaiting them.

Scrambling towards a nearby building, I turned a corner, leaning my back against the wall to take a moment to catch my breath.

The adrenaline coursing through my veins caused my heart to race.

Somewhere within this village was the safety outlet I was seeking. The only problem was making sure that I could get to it before the rogues got to me.

Bait. That’s what I was, and that’s what I had to be for this mission.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” a taunting voice called from near the edge of the village. A smirk formed across my face as I listened.

Stepping around the corner of the building, I faced the deep red eyes of a tall, slender brunette, her gaze upon me murderous and full of hate.

“Oh, you finally caught up,” I replied with a grin as I watched six more rogues appear in their wolf forms at her side.

“You’re brave for a wolf that’s about to meet her end,” she snapped, her brows furrowed in anger.

“Yeah, yeah. So you said before,” I grinned, my breath still coming out in shallow pants. “But as I told you before,

You lost yourself when you became a rogue, and now your soul is rotten to the


A growl rippled from the woman’s throat as the rogues at her side snapped and growled in the air. “You will die for what you did.”

I knew exactly what she meant. She was pissed I had killed her mate, and that wasn’t entirely my fault. He shouldn’t have tried to kill me.

“You know it’s not my fault your mate wanted me. Perhaps you should have kept a better leash on him.” I shrugged as I watched the anger grow within her.

*F*ck you!” she screamed as a roar escaped her again, and she shifted once more into her beast.

*F*ck… time to go.” 1 piped up, spinning on my heels, and taking off once more.

Running. Always running, I was really going to have to get in better shape.

As I slid around the corner of another building, a hand reached out from an open doorway, snatching me mid-step and pulling me in. A scream tried to leave my throat, but as another hand came down upon my mouth, I looked up to see Jace staring down at me,

His crystal blue eyes beamed with amusement because of what he had done.

“You scared the sh*t out of me,” i whispered when he removed his hand from my mouth.

“It was funny,” he replied, trying to keep a straight face. “Wait till this is over and I tell Blake,”

“Oh, shut up. Get your sh*t together. There are murderous rogues trying to kill me.” I rolled my eyes as I turned to peer through the broken boards of the hut.

“Let them come.” He shrugged, “We are ready for them.”

There was no doubt they were ready. I had seen the warriors that James and my brother trained, but it was nothing compared to what laid within the north.

The thunder of paws against the cold earth sounded to my right.

Grabbing my blade from its sheath, I prepared for what was about to happen.copy right hot novel pub

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