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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 125: The Seer’s Prophecy

Chapter 125: The Seer’s Prophecy

**Otto’s POV

It seemed a bit strange to step outside in the morning and not see a dead body.

Every day since I’d first started hearing the fighting nearby. I’d come out to find their bodies littering the ground.

It’s nearly impossible to tell a friendly dead wolf from an enemy dead wolf.

I would spend a few hours dragging them away from my home to keep the wild animals, the bugs, and the smell away.

But hopefully, that was all over.

This was the third morning in the past few weeks that I had been able to come out of my hiding spot in the morning and not see a dead wolf lying within a hundred yards of my cottage.

I took a look around before I completely revealed myself, but I didn’t see any suspicious wolves anywhere.

Perhaps the fact that the only howls I’d heard the night before had come in the distance truly did mean that the war was being pushed back in the other direction.

It was almost too good to be true, but I wanted to believe it.

I wanted to believe that King James and his forces were being successful, and we were finally winning the war.

Living on the outskirts of the village would’ve been dangerous but I wasn’t willing to leave the cottage as that was the only thing my parents left me. They died protecting me, and this was my home.

The thought of my parents brought tears to my eyes, but I told myself I needed to be strong. I was sixteen years old, and I was determined to become a warrior and fight for my country. Warriors should not cry.

I took a deep breath of the fresh air and decided it was time to venture into the village. I needed supplies, and even though the last time I had been there, staples were in low quantities, I wanted to see how the situation was and what the villagers had to say.

I still needed to be cautious. Just because I didn’t smell any enemy wolves near my home, that didn’t mean none were stationed between myself and the village, which was a mile away.

Taking my time, I stayed off of the road, winding my way through the trees instead, and came to the village a different way so that if any soldiers were stationed at a checkpoint, I wouldn’t get myself into trouble.

When I came into town between the tavern and the shoe shop, it seemed clear to me that the entire village had noticed a change.

A smile lit my face as I emerged and walked among the other villagers. I didn’t see a lot of people that I knew there, but people who were out seemed to be safe and sound.

“Otto! Kiddo!” one of the men I knew well, Mr. Benjamin, shouted. “So glad you were able to make it to town.” Then he gave me a very tight hug and said, “So sorry about your parents! We were worried about you. Why didn’t you come to the village?

“I’m fine, Mr. Ben,” my throat was tight, “I was able to hide myself.”

“Thank goodness,” he said, “It seems it’s all over now. The enemy invaders have been forced off by our Alpha Ethan.”

“It was Alpha Ethan’s army?!” I asked.

No wonder, He was said to be invincible and never lost a battle. Now I knew for sure we were saved!

“Indeed, several of them are still stationed here in the village to ensure that we stay safe,” he continued, gesturing toward the end of the main street. I saw a few soldiers in the distance.

“If you want to stay at our house to make sure you’re not harmed, you know you’re more than welcome. The wife won’t mind one bit!”

“Thank you, Mr. Ben,” I told him. “But I think I’ll be just fine at my house.”

I said a quick prayer to the Moon Goddess.

Alpha Ethan saved us. May the Goddess bless him… May the Goddess also bless us so that the situation stayed this way and the tides of the war didn’t shift again

Then I caught a glimpse of someone. A stranger.

His moves held power and strength, He should be intimidating, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.

He noticed that I was watching him, and he started to walk towards me. I froze, and the moment I met his gaze, I found myself lowering my head uncontrollably.copy right hot novel pub

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