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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 129 Someone Was Looking For You 

**Rosalie’s POV The crisp morning air brushed gently against my skin. As we moved north, I could feel the temperature had dropped along the way. The plants in view also changed from tropical trees to pines. Our destination, the northern territory. I wasn’t sure where we were on our journey, but Seraphine was confident. I didn’t know whether it was wise to trust Seraphine again. At least, among Ethan, Soren, and Seraphine, she was the only one who came forward proactively and told me the truth. The brothers, on the other hand, neither of them had been completely truthful with me to this day. Seraphine seemed to know the directions clearly, however, going in the right direction wasn’t our biggest concern. You’re positive that this is going to be safe?” The question was one I had asked multiple times, and with a sigh, she turned to look at me. “It will be dangerous, but we are near a turnoff.” Seraphine looked me in the eyes. “Would you like me to hold the baby? I shook my head. At least the little one seemed to be excited about the journey. His bright blue eyes seemed to be amazed by the scenery along the way. Just looking at him gave me strength. Seraphine sighed, “Once we reach the small town, you and the babe can rest for the night.” Rest sounded amazing in the moment, and as my eyes gazed down at the baby at my chest. I couldn’t help but smile. Never had I felt such love until the day he was born. It wasn’t earned, but unconditional. The love between mother and child was like nothing I could have ever dreamed of. “This way…” Seraphine replied softly as we trudged closer towards a broken down wooden bridge in the distance. 1 glanced around at the area. Crossing the bridge would leave us out in view of anyone who was nearby. “Unfortunately, it‘s not the safest to expose ourselves, but we have to cross the bridge.” Her eyes gazed out from our hidden spot to the road, looking around for any sign of trouble. “We‘ve come this far. Hopefully, that means we’ve lost Soren’s men. The only thing I would be concerned with is rogues, but even then they come out more at night.” I nodded my head. “Quickly, we must go,” Seraphine urged, as she moved from the shadows of the brush to the open road to cross the bridge. My feet followed quickly behind hers. As we stepped onto the wooden bridge, I heard the squeaky sound of the boards accompanying our steps. I prayed to the moon goddess that no one was around to hear the noise. However, things sometimes just wouldn’t go as well as 1 hoped.

“Seraphine–” I whispered, listening to the distant voices of men. “Someone’s coming.” Running towards the tree line, we made cover in the shadows, listening and waiting to see who it was that was coming. With the war on approach, there were warriors everywhere, and on top of those warriors were the rogues. The rogues were said to be vicious and unforgiving in their venture to wreak havoc in the north.copy right hot novel pub

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