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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 130 Through My Fingers 

***Ethan’s POV Finding Rosalie was like chasing a moving target Every time I felt I was close to her and the baby, she would change locations, and then it felt like she had slipped through my fingers again, and I would have to trail her and move again However, this time, I felt like I was finally getting close enough to her that I was going to catch up to her She couldn’t feel me the way I could feel her, the way I could feel my baby, anyway We arrived in the village of Rustic early one morning after a long night of traveling. I felt that the baby was nearby. His presence was so strong, I could physically feel the tug of my child on me, and I was eager to have a look around to see if I could put all of this behind us once and for all. Visions of a happy reunion danced before my eyes, even though I realized Rosalie might not be pleased to see me initially. I would find a way to make her understand that I was there to take her and the baby under my umbrella of safety and make sure that nothing could happen to them. Not only did I love them and want to be with them, but I also needed to ensure that nothing could ever happen to them Rustic was a small village. I let Richard and the rest of the men get settled before I went about going to search for Rosalie. I knew she wasn’t right here in this small town, but could still feel that the baby was pulling me to an area nearby, and my reconnaissance had told me that there were several cottages in the woods not too far away. Perhaps she was staying in one of those hidden homes? “Alpha, there’s an inn in town. Most travelers would stay there,” Richard reported. My stomach was twisted up so tight, I thought I might be sick. I had done a good job of hiding it all day, but I knew what I needed to do to relieve the pain and discomfort. I needed to find them. “Richard,” I said, just as the sun was beginning to dip beneath the horizon, “I‘m going to check the perimeter. Will you keep an eye on the situation here in the village and let me know via the mind–link if anything changes?” “Of course, sir, but....” Richard stopped speaking, but his eyebrows were nearly touching, he was so concerned. “What is it?” I asked him, not sure I wanted to hear anything he had to say. “It‘s only... you clearly don‘t feel well: Why don‘t you stay here and rest? You‘ve had a couple of very stressful days.” He gestured toward the home we’d commandeered as our headquarters. This would be the first time in weeks we’d actually sleep in a house instead of a vehicle or a tent. I shook my head. He had no way of knowing that the only way I could ever get any rest was to finally find Rosalie and my child. “I‘ll be back soon enough, Richard.copy right hot novel pub

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