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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 132 Hand Over Ethan 

**Talon’s POV Screaming The alarming sound jolted me from my sleep, causing me to jump from my bed. The distant yelling set my wolf on edge as I quickly dressed and thrust myself from my room out into the hall. Warriors ran down the corridors towards the front main hall as the crying and screaming filled the capital, causing concern to sweep through me like a rollercoaster. “What’s going on?” I asked a passing warrior as I neared the grand staircase. The first tier of the capital defense has broken through, beta. They are closing in.” This was the second day after we’d received the warning from patrol that Kal’s army was stationed only a couple hundred miles away from Mirage. I tried to calm myself. I could not believe what I’d heard. Something must be wrong. There was no way this could be possible. Thad so many doubts about the whole situation. First of all, we had worked hard on securing the western border and making sure that Kal’s troops had been cut off from supplies. It was impossible for them to get through our defenses, let alone get close to the capital! Yet, it happened. Secondly, the first tier defense for the capital was built to withhold major attacks, and it should ideally last at least one week. However, it was broken in only one day. There was only one explanation for this... Letting my feet take the stairs two at a time, I ran towards the grand front door and stepped out into the cool morning air. Smoke lined the sky in the distance as villagers ran towards the capital, seeking the safety of its powerful walls. Never had I expected the war to approach us this far, but in the end, they got past all of our barriers without warning. Crying, screaming, and pleading for safety cast a shadow over the once bright and cheerful walls of the capital. Its glittering gold was slowly being speckled with the drops of blood that came from wounded civilians who had been escaping I tried to comprehend what exactly had happened. When I went to bed the night before, everything was fine, and yet in a matter of forty–eight hours, chaos consumed our country. Turning on my heels, I pushed through the mass hysteria of people seeking shelter and made my way towards the grand hall. The flocking of royals and leaders pushing through the large wooden doors seeking advice from their king. “Calm down!” James‘ voice roared through the tall vaulted ceilings, quieting everyone who stood waiting for an update on whether they were truly safe within the capital walls. “King James,” I stated, bowing my head with respect. His dark eyes glanced towards me. The deep dark bags beneath his eyes were heavy and clearly from his lack of sleep over the past few weeks. “We just received word from scouts that the western forces are only five miles away.” than *That‘s impossible.” I gasped in disbelief as the chaos of other leaders consumed the surrounding area “How did they get this close 71″ one leader yelled, demanding an explanation. “You told us they couldn’t get past. Ethan assured us he know what he was doing!” Another white-haired man added, causing my eyes to dart to him with disdain. Someone has to be helping our enemy. A spy. someone among us. It was the only explanation. “Enough everyone!” James yelled, pressing his thumb to his temple. I could only imagine the stress James was under right now. Ethan wasn’t here, and with Kal’s troops moving in closer, it was only a matter of time before the war was at our front door. It was times like this when I was thankful to just be a Beta.

James sat silent on his throne as warrior after warrior approached him, as well as a man in a white cloak. The men all spoke in hushed whispers, piquing my curiosity. Usually, information was shared amongst the leaders, and yet James seemed to keep secrets with these few men. Something about the situation was not sitting right with me “Your Majesty! a voice called from behind me, drawing my attention from what I had been watching. Everyone turned to the young warrior, who bowed his head before the king.copy right hot novel pub

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