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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 133 Ethan, You Are Banished! 

**Ethan‘s POV A stillness fell over the throne room as I walked in. King James looked exhausted, with dark bags under his eyes, and Talon looked distressed. His teeth were gritted together, and I felt like he wanted to tell me something But I had left Rosalie and my baby to travel a great distance to be here. It was clear that something chaotic was happening as I used a little-known tunnel to make my way into the capital with the men who had accompanied me. Now, I stood before a group of men who were glaring at me, waiting for the king to answer my question. “Who doesn’t need to speak unless spoken to?” I asked him. Surely, no one was to speak to Talon in such a disrespectful way Granted, my Beta was a subordinate, but he’d never been anything but a loyal, respectful soldier for the king. “Ethan, you’ve returned,” my cousin said, a look of relief washing over him. “And not a moment too soon, I’m afraid.” *Alpha!” Talon greeted me, although I could tell from his expression that he wished I hadn’t returned. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Were those villagers running into the capital shouting about enemy soldiers?” It didn’t seem possible. When I‘d left the capital, not long ago, the western forces were miles and miles away. Our army was strong enough to keep them at bay and drive them back with no problem whatsoever. “I’m afraid so,” James said, dragging a hand down his face. “Everyone, leave Ethan and me. We need to discuss this matter in private.” Talon, who had started his exit the moment the king made the request, mindlinked me. I could see by the look in his eyes that something was wrong. A few of the other leaders, ones who thought that they were more important than they truly were, lingered around the throne, possibly thinking they were too critical to the king‘s decision–making to truly need to be dismissed. “Go at once!” James barked, and everyone filtered out. Alpha, be on your guard. There’s no time for me to explain, but don‘t trust anything James says to you. Things aren’t what they seem’ Talon said, preparing me for the conversation with the king. | stared at my Beta for a moment in confusion, wondering what he was getting at. A cold chill went down my spine as I contemplated what it might be that Talon was trying to warn me about. I wished he had more time to prepare me for what was about to happen. However, he couldn‘t go into more details before the room went silent with only the king and me left. “What’s happening, James?” | eventually asked, approaching the throne and speaking more bluntly, now that the others had cleared out.

James wouldn’t look at me, so I didn’t take that as a good sign. “Kal sent a messenger,” he began, his eyes downcast. “He said Kal is making only one demand. He will call his troops off if I comply. Only one.” James let out a sigh and got up from his throne, his footsteps heavy as he walked over to the window. Resting a weary hand on the windowsill, he looked outside. What used to be a beautiful flower garden was now trampled by the boots of villagers running for their lives and guards trying to contain them. “I have not been put in an easy position, Ethan,” he said. I kept my distance, watching him, trying to understand what he was getting at. What condition could Kal possibly be demanding that King James could be considering? “Thousands of citizens could die if I don‘t comply.copy right hot novel pub

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