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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 135 Ethan Escaped 

Kal called for help, but it was too late. I took my chance, shifted, and launched myself off of my back legs. I went flying over the desk, hitting him full force with all of my weight and knocking him backward against the wall of the tent *Arrgh!* Kal shouted. “Guards!!” I couldn’t speak to him since I was in my wolf form, so I’d have to show him I meant business in another way. With my paws on his chest, I bent down to bite his neck. Kal brought his right arm up to block me. Even in his human form, he was a strong man. He was, after all, a king. He came from powerful bloodlines. This wouldn’t be as easy as I’d hoped. Rather than biting into his neck, I sunk my teeth into his arm gnawing at the flesh. Kal screamed as blood shot out, dripping all over his face and splattering the floor. I ground my teeth against the bone of his forearm, pulling until | felt a snap. With his upper arm in my mouth, I turned my head and spit it out. Now, it would be easier for me to get to his neck. “Ethan, you f*cking bastard!” he shouted. I hoped those would be the last words he said. Leaning forward again, I aimed for his neck, but then, I felt a sharp pain in my side and smelled another fresh spray of blood. But this time, it was my own crimson life force that was flowing all over the ground. Looking down, I could see that he had a knife in his hand. “King Kal!” I heard shouts outside and then three wolves entered the tent. I realized that my best opportunity was gone. As he pulled the knife back to stab me again, I knew that I had no choice but to abandon my mission. If I stayed any longer, I’d be captured, and then I’d be of no use to anyone. I growled at him and swiped my claws across his face, leaving a band of red marks. His body hit the ground, but at the same time, sharp pain radiated from my body and my legs. I was being attacked by three wolves. Kal seemed to have lost his consciousness. Maybe due to the loss of blood. I would recover from my injury, but he couldn’t grow another arm.... He wouldn‘t forget what I’d done. I fought off the three wolves, sprinting out of the tent, and ran between the forces Kal had called for, moving much quicker than any of them could. They didn’t even have a chance to change direction before I made my way between them untouched. They trailed me as I headed back to the tunnel I’d used to sneak in. However, with my wound, I lost some of my speed and I couldn’t get rid of them, D*mn it! With only this distance in between me and the enemy guards, they would discover the tunnel I came from if I choose the same route back. I couldn’t do that that tunnel connected back into the capital, and I couldn’t let them find it! So I ran in a different direction and hoped that I could last long enough to get to the meeting spot with Talon. The problem was that I was in the middle of Kal’s base. More enpmies gathered from all directions, and a few of them managed to slow me down even more. A Bisdardat If I couldn’t break through to meet with Talon, I’d seriously consider going back to Kal’s tent and do some more damage to that mother f*cker before his guys tore me apart *Oooowhooo– Familiar howls echoed from nearby

I wished I could chuckle. Well, it seemed like I wouldn’t need to go back to Kal to delivery my suicidal attacks now. Ethan, seriously, did you f*cking lose your mind?!’ Talon roared in the mindlink. Second time in a day. Talon,’I was injured, but I was in a much better mood compared to earlier in the day. Enemies’ blood was always the most effective solution to a bad day. ‘You‘ve broken your own record.copy right hot novel pub

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