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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 136 Dous Rosalle Know Your Plan? 

Georgia’s POV Smoke settled in the ait, causing an eerie feeling to cross the land we had just battled upon. Priest Cerina had agreed to offer help to the northern villages by fighting off the rogues. However, that was only the very first step for the displaced people to re-build their homes. With the advancements our forces had made in the war, the rogue leader had no choice but to move back and lie low. But even with the pleasant progress we’d made, there was still so much to be done. “Georgia!” a warrior yelled, catching my attention and causing me to turn. “Yes?” I asked with a smile, pleased that he was addressing me by my name, and not adding a f*cking useless prefix of “miss” in front of it. It took days for me to get it through to them. I wasn‘t the snooty lady they were expecting. I wanted to be seen as any other person in the army. “I was sent to inform you that the council is meeting. With the battle done, they are looking to go over our next move.” “That’s wonderful,” I replied. We needed to meet and talk about what to do next. With the battle won, things had to be determined regarding how we would move forward. “Go see that the border on the eastern front of the village is secured. As for the rogues who surrendered,” I sighed, thinking it over for a moment, “place them in a holding area until I talk to Jace.” Jace and I had moved these forces across the land like an ongoing tidal wave of vengeance. Any rogues who didn‘t want to submit and fall under the northern rule were killed, and those who submitted were spared. Growing closer to the main tent, I spotted Jace walking with another man. His tall burly figure stood out against the crowd. “Jace!” I called out. He turned to me with a smile as he shook his head. “Hey, glad to see you could make the meeting. You‘d skip and keep having fun out there,” he chuckled. “I wish,” I grinned, “but I heard General Vandough and someone higher up are here.” Falling in step with each other, we headed into the tent. The group of leaders were already there, waiting to hear what we were to do next. The man at the head of it all was General Lee Vandough. He was the right hand to the high priestess herself. He must have brought news from the high priestess. “Welcome, everyone!” he bellowed out in a hearty tone with a firm and serious look upon his face. “I am glad that we were all able to make it through this battle in one piece. As much as I wish it was over, we still have a long way to go.” Murmured agreements filtered through the air at his statement. I listened to his words and was a bit confused. About two months ago, Blake and I were saved by the Winter Forest pack. Neither of us knew that there were people living in the far north. It was said that the climate there was not suitable for living. How I persuaded them to help the civilians in the Eastern Kingdom was a long story. Anyway, now here I was, with the leaders of the Winter Forest pack, finally chasing out the rogues that took so many innocent lives and destroyed so many homes. The northern villages couldn’t be more grateful for what we had done. However, I didn’t quite understand what he meant by a long way to go.copy right hot novel pub

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