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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 140 Who Did Rosalie Find? 

**Rosalie’s POV The view from the Queen‘s suite was spectacular. People said that the far north was only ruins from the old times, but they didn’t know Cerina had led my people to rebuild it over the years. Even with everything that the people of the north–my people had been through, they hadn‘t failed to take care of the palace. Because they truly revered the royal family. They truly revered my family. They truly revered me. I was especially impressed by the garden. There weren’t any flowers or plants as those couldn‘t easily survive the harsh climate. This was a garden mainly decorated with beautiful stone sculptures. Staring out at the window, I tried to come to grips with what they were asking me to do. I knew I‘d have plenty of help, but I needed to understand how things worked in this land, how Cerina had been running things, what the laws had been before, when my ancestors were the rulers. I needed to make sure that I was able to accept all of those rules and laws myself because I didn‘t want to be the one enforcing rules that I didn‘t agree with. A couple of days ago, Cerina took me to a great hall that looked a lot like a library except all of the books looked like they were textbooks or legal journals of some sort. Along one wall was a huge shelf full of cubby holes with scrolls in it. Some of these documents had to be hundreds of years old, if not thousands. When I told her that it would take years to just finish reading them, she showed me a large volume that had been sitting in the middle of a massive oak table and told me that it contained our main laws, the primary rules, and the references to the corresponding detailed rules of our land. I had been studying for a few days. Most of the laws were understandable, but a few of them seemed outdated and unnecessarily harsh. For example, there was one that said a father could punish his daughter by striking her if she spoke out of turn. I thought that seemed archaic. I also wanted to remove some of the regulations about how landowners could punish those who leased their land if they didn‘t pay taxes on time. I agreed there should be penalties, but not physical ones. I made a list of items I wanted to change. It wasn‘t long, but they were all important. Behind me, my baby made a little fussing sound. I put down my books to check on him. I wanted to go talk to Cerina, but I needed to wait for Seraphine to come back first. It all worked out well as I got time to feed him and get him back to sleep. “Rosalie, were you looking for me?” Seraphine entered the room, and she walked directly to the crib and gently rocked it when she saw the little one wiggling a little. I smiled. It felt so good to know that my son wasn‘t only loved by me. “Yes, I was about to talk to Cerina. I have some thoughts and questions regarding the laws.”

Seraphine nodded her head while rocking the crib back and forth slightly. “I saw her talking to Georgia in the courtyard. Dear, I‘m sure it may seem overwhelming, but I have faith that you‘ll figure it out. You still have a couple of months until your twenty–first birthday.“. My twenty–first birthday would also be my coronation day. I had a lot to learn before then. “Thank you, Seraphine,” I told her, patting her arm. “You‘re such a blessing to me.” Seraphine smiled. “I‘m the one who has been blessed. To be the one to have found you and brought you back to our land... the Moon Goddess is smiling upon all of us.” I didn‘t know how to respond to her compliment, so I only smiled and went out to find Cerina. Cerina and Georgia were standing in the courtyard, and by the gestures Georgia was making, it seemed she was wound up, though I didn’t think she was mad at Cerina. As I approached, 1 heard her saying, “Whoever is leading those rogues needs to be cut down and slaughtered! They have become even more brazen in the last few days.” She turned then and saw me, and her tone changed. “Oh, hi, Rosalie,” she said. “I‘m sorry. I just... it makes me so angry to hear that more people have been harmed. It was just like an endless battle. Just when we thought we were good, those b*asdars were back again! Where did they all come from!” “How bad was it?” I asked. Cerina answered, her voice calm.copy right hot novel pub

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