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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 141 Seaking Forglverseas 

Through the darkness 1 wore I heard Roantie‘s wwert volon and hated me for what i’d done. That’s why she ran www, and Munt i tenew it’d be my foolish hope the was afraid of m #he had every right to Hun #i ever saw her again, I was going to make it up to her 1 didn’t enre how long # took *Soren… The sound of my name calling me again pulled me from the darkness, Slowly opening my eyes, I saw a white ceiling. Since I was no longer in the woods, that probably meant that I was alive after all I noticed that someone was sitting next to me and I was hoping to see the angel who appeared so many times in my dream However, when I turned my head, I was disappointed that she wasn‘t the woman I had been longing to see. Regardless, this was still someone I knew, I managed to smile at my ex-subordinate. “It‘s been a while, Seraphine.” But she didn’t seem to be too happy to see me. “What are you doing this far north, Soren?” she asked coldly. The heavy concern was clear in her words, “As you can see, running for my life,” I answered honestly as I looked around. “Where am I?” “You’re in our territory, the Winter Forest pack.” She looked down at me. “But you do not belong here.” I smiled bitterly. “Believe or not, I didn‘t intentionally come here, Seraphine. How did you find me?” I could tell that Seraphine wasn‘t happy with my reply, but she answered my question. “We found Thomas, and he pleaded with us to help you.” Thomas! He didn‘t go back to the island?! That b*stard didn‘t listen to me! “Where is he? Is he okay?” Seraphine replied flatly, “He‘s fine. When we found him, he was injured severely, but he is alive. He‘s with others who are wounded.” I let out a deep breath of relief, To make the conversation easier, I tried to pull myself up, however, it wasn’t easy. Seraphine sat there and watched, but she didn’t offer me help. Obviously, she was trying to keep her distance. When I was finally able to pull myself to a sitting position, I was out of breath. Turning to face the woman I had once relied on heavily for Rosalie‘s care, I smirked, “Seraphine, you know, I was quite hurt when I found out you betrayed me...” “I didn’t betray you, Soren,” she interrupted. “It was you who didn‘t tell me all the truth.” I shook my head. “No, let me finish. I meant to say, right now I am really glad that you did what you did.”

“You know, I find that hard to believe, given past circumstances. Now, tell me what you want from Rosalie?” Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 141: Seeking Forgiveness My heart skipped a beat hearing Rosalie’s name. If Seraphine was this alert and was so protective.. the only explanation was that Rosalie was nearby! I took a few moments to comprehend my situation, then I tilted my head and smiled. “If you are so sure that I am up to no good, then why didn’t you leave me in the forest to die? Why bring me back here to Rosalie?” As expected, she didn’t deny that Rosalie was around. Taking a deep breath, she sighed, shaking her head, “Because regardless of what you have done, she would never be able to watch you die.” Oh, my dear sweet Rosalie…. The thought of her brought me light and hope. I never knew someone could ever make me feel this way. “How has she been?” I finally asked after a moment of silence.hen she talked about Rosalie. “Sh chucked bitterly.copy right hot novel pub

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