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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 142 The White Queen 

#Ethan’s POV “Great evil awaits you in the land of icy winters where the moose run thick and the queen has slept these many years. Do not proceed down your chosen path, Alpha Ethan Gray. If you do, the ground will be coated in crimson, and you shall see the world through orbs of the same shade!” The seer’s words echoed in my mind. I looked up. Blood had coated the ground from the constant battles. We’d fought our way here, and the war had ravaged this land. Crimson soaked into the earth, staining the soil, the rocks, the land itself. And my eyes were now the same shade. I saw Rosalie holding my child. Her smile was so gentle on him, and the sight of them melted my heart. I smiled and walked closer to her. But then she saw me. Her gentle smile was replaced by terror, and she screamed. “Who are you?! Don’t come over, you monster!” My eyes snapped open and I realized I had dozed off with my back against a tree trunk in a sitting position. I stared up at the stars, my mind returned to the words the seer, Gayla, had told me in the village around the time that my baby was born Many things had changed since then, and I had no choice but to head north. Because that’s where Rosalie was, and I could also feel the pull from my baby urging me to hurry to where they were. However, my decision to continue my path to the north had come with a price, and the words the seer had foretold came to pass. My eye color started to alter. The differences were subtle at first. I noticed a slight change in tinge from blue to lavender, and then to purple. Now… even though no one said anything, from the worried looks of Talon and Vicky, I knew my eyes had started to reflect the color of blood. A sign of my soul being taken by darkness. James had banished me. I was a wolf without a home. The others had come out of loyalty to me. They hadn’t been made to leave or been displaced from their country the way that I had been. None of them were officially rogues. But I was. A man without a home; a wolf without a pack. I was turning into a true rogue. I didn’t regret my choice. However, I couldn’t help but be apprehensive. While I could accept it for myself, what would Rosalie or my child think when they see me?

Would they think I was an enemy? Would they label me as some sort of a monster? I had no way of knowing, but I certainly hoped to find out soon because all of this time spent traveling to find them was tearing me apart. However, Rosalie seemed to have just disappeared, and all I could do was keep searching for her. Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 142 The White Queen Thinking back to what my life had been like before, when my biggest worry was having an heir and figuring out a way to get out of marrying Madalynn, I realized that my life had not been complex or difficult at all. I had always thought I could handle everything in my life my pack, my country, my enemies-until I met Rosalie. I finally understood that there were things I could never control. Just like now, I simply wanted to be with my love and my child, but I had no way of knowing when this search would end. Vicky came over and sat down next to me. She seemed worried at first, but soon, she managed to put a small smile on her face. Even though I preferred not to speak, it didn’t keep her from trying to talk to me. “How are you doing?” she asked me, leaning against the same wide tree trunk I was resting against.copy right hot novel pub

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