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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 145 James Was After Rosalie 

**Soren POV I had never thought I‘d enjoy my days doing nothing, but staying in the cabin that Rosalie provided me, knowing I was in her territory and she‘d come by once in a while to visit was a welcomed change in my life. Looking around the cabin she had given me to use, I noticed a few details that could use some improvements. Since I had so much free time, I decided I‘d take on several small home improvement projects to make this place my own. There still were many things I needed to figure out and many people I would need to face eventually, like my uncle, like Ethan, but for now, I was happy with staying in a forgotten corner in the far north. When I first walked in, I was in shock over the disarray, but I could see she was trying to give me something of my own. Moving around the cabin, I slid off my jacket, and laid it on the small sofa. I‘d asked for some paint with more contemporary colors. If I was going to stay here for a while, then I would see to it that this place was fixed up, and changing the color theme was step one. ‘Boss, are you around?‘ Thomas‘ voice rang through my mind, startling me for a moment. ‘Thomas, you b*stard!‘ I scolded him. I had wanted to do so, but he was rarely awake ever since Rosalie brought him back here. According to Rosalie and Seraphine, Thomas was wounded way worse than me. I had checked on him a few times, but he wasn‘t conscious. The doctor said it would take time. I knew he had disobeyed my orders so that he could save me, I appreciated that, so I couldn‘t really be angry at him. After all, he didn‘t want to run away on his own. ‘How are you feeling?‘ I asked. I‘m fine now. Whatever they used on me was really effective. Most of my external wounds are healed. It just took me a bit to wake up,‘ he told me, his voice sounding strong despite his recent injuries. ‘Then go back to sleep, you idiot!‘ I chided. I couldn‘t imagine he had anything important to tell me since he‘d been completely unconscious for so long. ‘Boss, I‘ve been awake and up and about for a couple days now. However, I heard about your situation and figured I‘d better not act recklessly. That‘s why I didn‘t mindlink you. It seems like you‘re in a fairly good mood though?‘ he asked me. Was he being sarcastic? Did I seem like I was in a good mood? ‘Shut up. If you didn‘t need me for two days, what do you need me for now?‘ I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn‘t see it. ‘Come on, boss. Just because I guessed right, you don‘t need to dismiss me. I assume you don‘t need me to get you out of where you are? ‘No, I don‘t need rescuing,‘ I chuckled internally. ‘What‘s up?‘ || asked him in a firm tone.

Actually, I do have news for you. I heard from Damian that the queen miscarried her baby. I let that sink in for a moment and tried to figure out why he was telling me this. The queen losing the child didn‘t come as a shock to me. I had planned that from the very beginning. Based on my intel, the queen was poisoned many years back. When they finally figured out that it was the poison that caused her to lose her fertility, she had been looking frantically for the antidote through the years. When Damian told me that, I happened to have just found out about Rosalie‘s bloodline. I was able to obtain some of her blood and sent it over to Damian. Her blood had such healing power that it did work as an antidote, and the queen was able to conceive. However, both the king and the queen were no longer young. It was highly unlikely that they would actually be able to produce a healthy heir any more. Especially since the queen suffered from the poison for so many years; her body was no longer suitable for carrying babies.copy right hot novel pub

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