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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 146 The Baby Was In Danger! 

**Rosalie’s POV “Commander Landon, how is it?” I stood up from my chair as soon as he walked in. The rest of the leaders also stopped talking, and everyone was looking at him. The look on his face told me everything. The usual stoic commander had tears glistening in his downcast eyes as he slowly shook his head. His jaw was set in anger as he began to answer my question. “The losses have been astronomical, Your Majesty,” he began, his tone laced with despair. “Five of our villages were attacked, every man, woman, and child slaughtered. Not a soul left alive in any of them.” I stood there, staring at him for a long moment, trying to comprehend what he was saying. “How is this possible?” | muttered. He shook his head. “We cleared out the rogues in those areas recently, and everything seemed to be back in place. We assumed that those territories were safe and we only sent patrols to check in periodically. But this particular pack of rogues is ruthless like none we‘ve ever seen before. We had no way of knowing what had happened with no survivors. It wasn‘t until our patrols went back in that they discovered the devastating aftermath.” Visions of what that must‘ve looked like came to mind, but I had to push them away so as not to become physically ill. I sank back down to my chair, and tried to digest the horrible news. Five villages, not a single survivor. “We need to take them out! The sooner, the better!” I couldn‘t express my sadness and rage at the moment. Those villages had just been rebuilt a month ago... I remembered going there with patrols and receiving flowers and freshly made baked goods from the kids. Now, all of them, all of them... were gone. What kind of heartless monsters could do that? Everyone in the room was as heartbroken as me. “They were spotted thirty miles south of here.” Commander Landon was pointing at a valley on the map. “Your Majesty, there are two small towns not too far away from there, and we need to stop them.” I nodded without hesitation. “Send eighty percent of the force out there.” Everyone gasped. General Vandough disagreed. “Your Majesty, it would be too much! That means we will either have to pull from the force that is keeping an eye on the Rogue King or from our capital city.” “Then pull the force from the Rogue King side. So far, he hasn‘ tposed an immediate threat to us. However, those savages’ heinous crimes are not tolerable, and I want us to end them right now. Once and for all, every single one of them!” The leaders looked at each other. I waited for them to say something. I heard a whistle from the corner of the tent. “I‘m with you, Rosalie!” Georgia was the first to say she was on my side. I smiled at her to show, my appreciation for her support. Then Commander Landon voiced his opinion. “I agree with the queen too. Let‘s take care of one problem at a time.” Murmuring in the room went on for a little while, and finally, General Vandough was also convinced. “Okay, as you wish, Your Majesty!” I looked around the room. “Thank you, everyone. Let‘s all get ready.” “Your Majesty, all get ready? You...?

“I am going with you.” “Your Majesty! You haven‘t even gotten your wolf yet!” Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 146 The Baby Was In Danger someone shouted out. This time, even Georgia gave me a disapproving look. I shook my head, and my decision was already made. “Please listen to me,” I reasoned with them. “I won‘t be fighting on the frontline, but I need to be there for moral support and to help out in the hospital if needed.” I glanced around the room and announced, “I‘m your queen, and I need to be there for my people!” **t Riding along in an all–terrain vehicle, I sat next to Jace. Everyone else could run quickly across the land to get where they needed to be, but it was faster for me to go this way than to slow someone down by riding on their back. He was taking me to an observation area back from the lines. We had a lookout in a tall tree that had been constructed to help keep an eye on the movement of the rogues. It was still behind our lines, so it would be safe.copy right hot novel pub

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