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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 150 Ethan Found His Mate 

**Ethan’s POV Everything Rosalie said to me played through my mind. There was no way she honestly loved my brother, right? The thought of him being with her made my blood boil, and even thinking she would entertain the notion was appalling. I had come all this way searching for her, yet her words broke my heart over and over again. When would I be able to make her see reason? Part of me wanted to shake sense into her, but I knew I could never physically hurt her. Seeing her get hurt was a hundred times more painful than me getting hurt myself. I returned to my tent, and my eyes fell onto the makeshift bed that Georgia had made for my son. The little one was fast asleep. His little pink lips were slightly open, and his rhythmic breathing calmed my frustration. I wanted to pinch his chubby cheeks, but I stopped myself midair so as not to disturb his rest. As I watched his peaceful sleeping form, I started to get more and more disappointed at myself. What had I done? I couldn‘t believe I missed out on so much of his life! It seemed like he felt my emotion, the little guy flapped his limbs, and I gently rubbed his tiny body with my palm. As I was amused that my hand almost covered half of his body, he grabbed my thumb with both of his tiny hands and put it against his chest. At that moment, a surge of warmth rushed into my eyes, and I could barely breathe. “How is it I helped make someone so perfect as you, my son?” I whispered to him softly as I reached down, brushing my free hand across his face. There was no way I would let another moment be missed. “He is perfect, isn‘t he?” Georgia‘s voice rang softly behind me. She was leaning against the entrance to my tent with a smile on her face. “You have to make it right.” It didn‘t take a genius to figure out what she was referring to. “That‘s what I‘m trying to do,” I replied in annoyance. Couldn‘t she see that? All of a sudden, a pull tugged at my heart. My hand went instinctively to my chest, and I felt my face twist into a pained expression. “Ethan? Are you okay?” Georgia asked, walking closer to me with an edge of concern in her face. “You need to sit down. Something‘s wrong?” My wolf howled in my mind as I gripped my head with one hand, trying to shake off the pain radiating through me, the excruciating change, plaguing every inch of my body. “I have to get out of here,” I grunted, pushing past Georgia. “Ethan, you need help!” She followed me out worriedly. “Watch the baby!” I shouted through gritted teeth. Her eyes watched me with concern as she nodded with reluctance. Something was happening. Something inside me was changing As soon as I stepped from the tent and met the high moon in the sky, something inside me snapped and fell into place. A sweet scent of jasmine and honey filled my nose, pulling me to seek out the source. Never had I felt the need to seek out something so delicious in my life, but my wolf called to me to go forth and find it. Its ravenous hunger devoured me with each step I took until | found myself outside of Rosalie‘s tent. In confusion, I glanced through the small opening in the front of the tent. Rosalie was kneeling on the ground as if she was praying. At the sight of her, the desire to run to her, to fold her into my arms and protect her, making her mine forever, was so overwhelmingly powerful that I couldn‘t hold myself back.

I didn‘t need anyone to tell me what was going on... “She‘s my mate...” The soft words left my lips, and I was stunned in disbelief. I had sworn off the matebond for so long, and in the heat of it all, I never even thought of the possibility of Rosalie being my mate. How was this possible? Rosalie...had been my mate all this time? The unbelievable amount of joy rushing through my body mixed with the shock of realization made me tremble uncontrollably. For the first time ever, I felt my knees go so weak that I kneeled down to thank the Moon Goddess for taking mercy on me. Then I looked up, watching her in the tent, hoping to see my angel, my goddess turn around and see me. It was almost her twenty–first birthday, so would she feel the same pull as I did? My entire being was quivering in pleasant nervousness and anticipation. I couldn‘t wait to bond with her as lovers and as soul mates... However, I didn‘t understand why she didn‘t seem to notice that her mate was standing right outside her tent. Why couldn‘ t she feel me like I felt her? As if on cue, she turned. Her eyes met mine as I slowly stepped into the tent. The desire to claim and mark her was more intense than anything I had ever felt before. I was so eager to make her mine forever. “Mate...” I called.copy right hot novel pub

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