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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 151 I Shifted For The First Time

Chapter 151 I Shifted For The First Time

**Rosalie’s POV

I needed to get away from Ethan.

As I ran out of the tent and across the camp, my cheeks were burning with shame from what had just happened. I kept my robe pulled tight around me and headed for the solace of the forest.

I couldn’t go far, though. As much as I wanted to take off and just keep running, without my boy, I could only go far enough to get the sounds of the camp out of my ears so I could think clearly for a moment.

Why had I done that?

Why had I let Ethan make love to me when that was the last thing I’d wanted?

Not that I wasn’t willing at the time… I couldn’t deny that I was helplessly attracted to him even till this day.

It was just that I wanted to fight it, fight the desire of him. I knew better than to let my emotions carry me away, and I’d given in to his wanton desire.

He had done so much to hurt me!

From treating me like a tool, to planning to kill me, to using me to get to Soren…. All of those things added together made me feel like I should hate him and never want to see him again, and yet I’d let him into my body like nothing was wrong.

Like I was still the girl who would’ve done anything just to spend a little more time with him.

He’d been the one to decide I wasn’t worthy of him, though. He’d been the one to push me aside. So now, I shouldn’ t feel bad for doing the same to him.

But I hadn’t. I’d let him right back into my arms, into my bed… into my heart?

Yes, I had loved him once.

Yes, he was the father of my child, and yes, he was still the most attractive man I’d ever seen.

But I wanted to say no, he hadn’t made it that far.

Not yet anyway.

“Mates,” I whispered, shaking my head.

Now that I was outside of the tent, I could see the moon. The bright silvery light was slightly obscured by the trees, but I could still see the round orb up in the sky, looking down at me as if it was the seeing-eye of the Moon Goddess.

I wondered if she was having a laugh at the grand joke she’d just played. I’d begged her to let Ethan find his mate so that he’d leave me be, only to find out that it had been me all along…. And now, I couldn’t feel the pull because she’d granted both of my wishes?

I couldn’t describe the emotions coursing through me. It was as if I struggled for this long and eventually came back and realized that when all of my wishes were granted, I was in a worse situation.

How unfortunate a soul was 1?

I desperately needed a place to escape this fate, and all I wanted to do was to run away-run away from Ethan and run away from myself.

I charged through the woods as fast as I could. It felt good to not have to think and just let my body carry me along I ran blindly, not caring about where I was going, until the root from a large tree jutting out from the ground tangled

around my feet, and I fell-hard.

In that instant, as the ground came up to meet me, something inside of me changed.

My bones and muscles began to move, rearranging themselves as if they’d always known exactly how to do this. Fur sprang up on the outside of my body, and my robe fell away

In the blink of an eye, I felt my body was ten times lighter, and everything moved much slower. I was about to adjust my body mid-air to prepare for the fall.

To my surprise, I landed gracefully on the ground with no pain at all.

With four legs.

I was stunned and looked down at my body to find a beautiful snow white wolf with glossy fur shining in the moonlight

My eyes widened. I found my wolf!

My sight was immediately enhanced and everything was crystal clear even through the night.

I could hear the slightest movement from the tents I’d just left, and even my baby’s smooth breathing, and I could smell Ethan’s scent as he was chasing behind me not far away.

The change was so overwhelming, I could not help but let out a long howl to the moon.


The sound of Ethan’s footsteps as he came up behind me had me closing my eyes and retreating into myself as continued to run. I should’ve known he wouldn’t let me go, but I didn’t want to face him.

However, a moment later, I heard the pounding of paws behind me.

Then I felt a snout hit me in the back left hip, and I was tumbling again. I flipped over and landed on my back, looking up into Ethan’s red wolf eyes.copy right hot novel pub

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