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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 153 If You Want My Life, Rosalie, Then Take it 

**Madalynn‘s POV I was so close. My guys almost got her. They were supposed to bring her to me, and I could almost feel my claws sinking into that stupid bitch Rosalie. F*cking tramp. I had lost everything because of her. I was going to make her pay. I was going to rip her heart out in front of Ethan and devour it like a gourmet meal. But I came up short and I lost a few of my best b*tches. I had to retreat to make sure that I didn‘t lose my life. F*cking Ethan! He ruined it for me. Again! I should have known, though. That fool was head over heels for her, even if he had lost his soul and taken on red eyes. He had befallen the same fate as I had–karma really is a bitch. For weeks, we had been watching Rosalie‘s forces, and I thought this time we were going to get her. Why did everyone work against me and help that worthless nobody? I just couldn‘t f*cking get it. Igasped in pain as the doctor changed the bandage on my side. “Watch your freaking hands! Don‘t you know how to treat your f*cking patient right?” | snarled. One of the wolves with Ethan had gotten me good, and even though I took down many of Rosalie‘s warriors, I was no match for the power of those with Ethan. Perhaps once I got rid of Rosalie, he would see who the stronger wolf was. Then he would beg me to be his queen. A Rogue King and his Rogue Queen. The idea was one that brought amusement to my eyes, but at the same time, there was no way I would agree after everything he had done to me. I‘d rather see him slowly die beneath my claws. “Madalynn!” a voice called from the front of my tent, bringing me back to realization. “What?” | snapped as my eyes darted towards the figure of one of my rogues. He hesitated for a moment as disgust smeared itself across his face. “Someone is here to see you.” “Tell him I‘m busy.” Annoyance filled me, knowing someone would dare to interrupt me after the battle I had just gone through. I wasn‘t in the mood to deal with anyone‘s bullshit. Standing to my feet, I made my way from the tent, however I came face to face with one of James‘ guys. “You have a lot of balls coming here,” I smirked. “I should kill you now and send your head back to James on a platter.” Rolling his eyes, he sighed, “Enough, Madalynn. I have an updated offer to give you.” He held out a rolled up parchment in his hand, and quickly, I snatched it. A huff of irritation left him at my actions. I unrolled the parchment and quickly glanced over the words inside. James was more of a pathetic fool than I thought him to be. “Your king is really desperate, huh?” | sneered at the messenger. He ignored my comment and exited the room after making sure that I’d gotten the message. “I will be back in two

Scanned with CamScanner Chapter 153 11 You Want My He Rosalie Then take it days for your response,” he said. Laughter escaped my lips as I shook my head. Tossing the letter into a small trunk on the table, I grabbed a small green vial and downed the contents. The warming liquid of the herbs rejuvenates me with excessive force, the power of the magical herbs running through my veins like a wildfire. My eyes glanced down at the parchment with curiosity as I twirled it over in my fingers. “Are you really just going to let him go?” the man next to me snapped. Glancing up at him, a smile crossed my lips as my hand darted out, gripping his throat. “Are you f*cking questioning me, wolf? I would highly suggest you rethink that action.” His eyes widened at my tone, and quickly, he shook his head. “No, I‘m sorry.” Irritated by his weakness, I let go and took the parchment, walking back into my tent. “Madalynn, the scouting group is ready for your command!” my second called out through the open tent, causing a smile to crest my lips. “Wonderful. Nightfall is approaching, and we have much work to do.” **Ethan‘s POV “What is it, Talon?” I asked him as he came inside of the tent. “Alpha... I want to talk to you about Rosalie.copy right hot novel pub

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