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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 154  And Spanking

**Rosalie‘s POV I was tired of it all Tired of him treating me as if I was a child. Tired of him acting like he could control every aspect of my life. I was supposed to be the queen of the north, and I demanded respect from everyone–including him. Ethan had been acting crazy since the moment he realized I was his mate, and even before that. No matter how many times I tried to reason with him, he didn‘t care. Even my son was rarely brought to me unless it was time for him to eat, and Ethan doing that to me made me hate him more. I was the one to decide how to take care of my son, and I had done it on my own since his birth. If someone would take those rights away from me, they would pay dearly for their actions, without exception. So when Ethan came in to check on me, I was ready. I played the poor, pitiful woman he thought I was, and I took advantage of the situation. His eyes widened as the blade pierced his skin. I took him by surprise. His crimson orbs stared at me in shock. Hopefully, he understood now that I wasn‘t the girl he thought I was. I was ready for him to see me as an equal, and not someone who had to be told what to do. “Finish it,” he muttered against my lips as I stared at him. “Go on... do it.” His words caught me off guard, and regardless of my anger towards him and the situation he put me in, I started to panic What was he doing? Did he lose his mind?! As much as I wanted to get away from him, did I ever want to really kill him? I didn‘t know. There was still love for him in my heart that I hated. A part of me wanted to spend my life with him, but the other part vowed to loathe him for all eternity He pressed his body against the knife a little more and looked at me with joy and franticness in his eyes. It was as if he‘d be so happy if he was dead in my hands right here. I wasn‘t so sure what I saw in his crimson orbs. Pain, desire, desperation and maybe... love? I was confused. Did he really love me? Did he really not care if I killed him? Was I wrong about him? What on earth did he want from me?! “Rosalie, take it, take my life,” he whispered again and pushed himself even further. “S–stop it!” My hand could no longer hold the knife still before his lips descended on mine. The blade clattered to the floor. His lips devoured mine, his hand held the back of my head close to him, and his tongue invaded my mouth. His scent surrounded me.

I had no place to hide from him, and I felt his other hand had pressed my body tightly against his. I could feel his burning hard desire against my thigh. All parts of rationalization left my mind at that moment as I succumbed to the lust he brought me i hated him and what he was doing, but at the same time, I realized that I wanted this. I wanted him to make me feel the way he did before. I wanted him to help me forget. As confusion and lust took over, his fingers slipped under the hem of my shirt, sliding across my bare skin before gripping at my hips. Grinding and kissing, the heightened sense of passion between us clouded my mind further until the only thing left i wanted was for him to claim me like the animal he was. “I hate you... Ethan...” I whispered, but even I could tell how seductive I sounded, earning a growl of dangerous desire from him in response. His movements became more frenzied and hungry with every motion he made. Before I knew it, my shirt was thrown to the floor along with the rest of our clothing. His head descended between my thighs causing my head to tilt back in pleasure as he devoured my core. The vibrations of his growls as he swirled his tongue against my sensitive numb pushing me over the edge. “Oh, goddess...” | moaned. Over and over, I rocked my hips against his face, wanting more and more of him.copy right hot novel pub

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