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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 155: Escaping From The Rogue King

Chapter 155: Escaping From The Rogue King

**Soren’s POV

For days, I had been searching for Rosalie and had still come up empty-handed.

It hadn’t been easy to track her while avoiding all of the other parties running amok in the woods.

All of a sudden, the northern territory was crowded with different forces. Besides the mysterious Winter Forest pack, not only were there guys from my uncle’s kingdom, who would’ve gladly had my head if they were to come across me, there were also King James’s secret agents as well as all sorts of rogues.

On the way to the frontline, I caught word of the Rogue King. The moment I overheard some villagers talking about the handsome, muscular man with the red eyes who was undefeatable in battle, I knew who it had to be.

My half-brother Ethan. The Alpha who had been thrown out of the capital by his very own cousin. Who else could it be?

But I didn’t want to have anything to do with them, Kal, James or Ethan. None. I simply wanted to find Rosalie and make sure that she was okay. James was after her for her blood. If she wasn’t careful, they would find opportunities to approach her and take her back to Mirage.

However, regardless of trying my best, I was still too late.

By the time I got to the frontline, unfortunately, I got word that Rosalie was already taken away by the Rogue King. He came and left like a ghost. No one knew how he did it, but we were not able to locate him after his short appearance.

The Winter Forest pack had been searching for their queen for days. Even if the scout got a glimpse of the Rogue King, by the time the reinforcements arrived, Ethan and his group would just disappear again.

No one was able to get in touch with Rosalie, so we had no way of knowing whether she was there with him because she wanted to be or because he wouldn’t let her go.

I needed to find that out. If she did want to be liberated, then no matter how strong Ethan was, I would do everything I could to set her free.

I was frustrated with the progress Cerina and Seraphine made in searching for Rosalie and decided it would be best if I acted on my own. I realized that I could guess some of Ethan’s plans when I put myself in his shoes. After all, we were brothers. A lot of times, we would think alike.

After almost a week, I’d managed to spot a campsite that I thought had to be Ethan’s. I spent a day or two in the woods nearby without being detected, but just when I thought I saw someone walking around who looked a lot like my half-brother, I realized that the smell of wolves was growing stronger by the second.

Part of me wanted to stick around to confirm whether that was Ethan, but the alarms in my brain were going off, telling me to run.

They must’ve detected me and were on my trail.

Abandoning my initial goal, I took off, running through the forest as quickly as I could. Hearing the sound of paws hitting the forest floor near behind me, I dodged behind a tree and stripped in order to salvage my clothes before ! shifted, taking them with me.

in my wolf form, I was faster than in my human form, and I was also quicker than Ethan’s soldiers.

He wasn’t the only brother who got speed and agility as part of their good genes.

I circled back around the battlefield that they’d all been fighting on a few days ago, letting the mixed scents from the various packs mask my smell. The aluminum odor of blood and a hint of death hung in the air as well, mingling

with the usual fragrances of the forest. Together, they helped me to hide my trail.

Still, I could feel them behind me, even if they weren’t right on my tail anymore. I circled around again, going much wider and heading for a nearby village. Perhaps I could find a place to hide there or at the very least use the scents of the others in the village to mask my own.

I dodged between buildings and down alleys, drawing a few eyes from passersby who were probably wondering if I was a rogue myself.

But my eyes were not red, so they didn’t stare for long at the stranger, assuming I meant no harm.

I kept running, making loops, heading back into the woods a distance from Ethan’s camp.

Once I reached a thicker section of forest, I slowed down and listened. I didn’t hear them anywhere. I couldn’t smell them anymore either.

I thought I’d lost them..

I decided to take a breather. I shifted back into my human form and got dressed. I sat with my back against the trunk of a pine tree and considered my next move.

How was I supposed to get into the camp all by myself to find out whether or not Rosalie was truly there?

If I still had the troops I had before, it would be so much easier. I wasn’t used to being on my own. I had people who worked for me, and I had Thomas, but now… it was just me.

Closing my eyes, I let my exhaustion from running around the woods overtake me. Before I knew it, I was asleep and dreaming of Rosalie, of finding her, liberating her, and running away with her to a place where she and I could start a life together with the baby.copy right hot novel pub

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