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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 156 After The Wild Sex…

Chapter 156 After The Wild Sex…

*Ethan POV

Staring down at Rosalie, I spent the entire rest of the night admiring her beauty. Never had we made love in such a way, but now, with her back to my chest and my body wrapped around hers, I was indulged in love and passion that! thought I would never be able to obtain.

She was exhausted and had been sleeping for a few hours. Her breathing was smooth, and her scent was incredibly delicious. My wolf was already whimpering for her again, but I knew she would be too tired for that.

So many thoughts were running through my mind. She tried to kill me, but she didn’t. Did that mean that perhaps ! weighed more in her heart than I thought?

I was hopeful. Perhaps if I worked hard enough, she could still find the possibility of accepting me back into her life? And perhaps my dream to start all over again with her was something that was actually possible?

She was everything to me. Everything I always wanted, and couldn’t believe that I was so stupid long ago to even consider ending her life.

I also couldn’t believe I was so clueless that she could have been my mate.

The wound at my chest had healed more rapidly than anything I had ever witnessed before, and it made me wonder if the rumors about Rosalie were true.

Did she really have healing powers?

Was her blood a cure that would change the outcome of the war?

Many questions ran through my mind, but at the end of the day, deep down, I knew the truth. I knew that one way or another, Rosalie was far more special that we realized.

Her sweet body wiggled, which pulled me out of my own thoughts. I noticed that her breathing had changed. She must be awake.

“Rosalie…” I whispered softly in her ear as my fingers brushed strands of hair from her sleeping face.

However, I heard no response.


lused one arm to support my body so that I could see her face, “Talk to me Rosalie,” I whispered again. “Tell me what you want…”

Then I saw her eyes staring off into the distance, and her gaze contained no emotion at all again.

My heart sank.

So desperately did I want to see the love and affection in her eyes that I had once seen, but it was more than obvious that that version of Rosalie was gone.

I couldn’t tell what she was thinking at the moment, but it certainly was not adoration.

She unwrapped herself from my arms, sat up slowly, and pulled away from me. My brows furrowed in confusion as I watched her naked form walk towards a chair and grab the silk robe, slipping it on around her body.

Har cold attitude extinguished the love and passion in the tent instantly, and I felt disappointment, and resentment started to replace the tenderness and joy in my heart. At that moment I was so upset that I raised my voice. “So is that it? | asked with sarcasm. “Are you just going to ignore me?” She turned and stared at me and finally asked me back, ‘What do you want me to say, Ethan?”

I didn’t know how to answer,

She shook her head and sat down on a chair in the far corner of the tent. It was silent again.

The indifference in her tone and gaze caused anger to surge through me. “Rosalie, I just want you to be the woman I know you can be.” I pressed down my irritation and tried to make myself sound leveled.

Her response was again cold and distant. “The old Rosalie is long gone, Ethan. This is the person you get from now


I stood up and walked over to her, gripping her. arm. “Don’t do this to me…”

Her eyes stayed on me for a moment as if she was searching the depths of my soul, but in the end, only a small smirk crossed her lips, and she looked away. She didn’t bother to argue with me any more.


My eyes widened with shock as a roar escaped my lips in anger. “Then what was last night about?!”

“Last night was a mistake. That was all,” she calmly declared

It took me a while to take in what she had said, and she had no idea how much her words hurt.

No longer able to withstand her indifferences, I grabbed my shorts, slid them on, and stormed out of her tent.

I told myself that she played a good game of pretending that she didn’t care, but deep down, I knew she did. There was no way that she would sleep with me and not have some type of feelings.

It just wasn’t possible. I refused to believe it.copy right hot novel pub

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