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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 157: Visit From a Friend

Chapter 157: Visit From a Friend

**Rosalie’s POV

I was so disappointed in myself.

How could I allow Ethan to manipulate me that way? I tried so hard to stay away from him, but I failed miserably. The physical attraction I had towards him was something I could never understand.

However, every time after that, I’d feel so ashamed. I couldn’t do this any more. I needed to get out of here….

After Ethan left, I went back to staring at nothing, praying to the Moon Goddess that she would let me out of this hellhole, that I could get my son and get back to my new home with my pack.

Then I heard him shouting outside of the tent, I had to get up and go see what was happening. I couldn’t gather much, but it seemed from the looks on Vicky and Talon’s faces, amongst others, that Ethan was pissing other people off, too, and not just me.

Falling back onto the bed, I resumed my attempt at clearing my mind completely. I didn’t want to think about my current

situation, so I tried not to think at all. But my arms felt empty, and my heart ached because my baby wasn’t here with me.

The tent flap opened, and I just assumed it was either one of the guards bringing me food again or it was Ethan coming back for another round. I was dressed now and didn’t intend to give in to his carnal needs anytime soon.


The sound of a familiar female voice had me turning around quickly.

I could hardly believe my eyes.

“Vicky?” I said, getting to my feet. Was my friend really standing inside of my tent?

She had tears in her eyes, and I moved to her quickly, the two of us embracing in a tight hug as both of us began to weep with joy at finally being reunited.

It took both of us several moments to be able to regain the ability to speak. “Does Ethan know you’re in here?” | asked her. I wanted to see her so badly, but I didn’t want her to get in trouble.

She nodded. “Yes, he does, though I don’t know how long he’ll let me stay. How are you?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. She reached up and smoothed back my hair, and I felt myself tearing up again. Shaking my head, I asked, “How did everything get to be such a mess?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “But every time I start to think this has to be it, we’ve reached rock bottom, something else happens that makes the situation a thousand times worse.”

The two of us sat on the edge of my cot. I had so much I wanted to tell her, and I wanted to know all about how things had been for her, but I wasn’t even sure where to begin.

Eventually, I asked, “How was your journey here?”

“It was difficult at first. I’m certainly not used to sleeping outside under the stars,” she chuckled, “but now that I have a tent, it’s a lot more comfortable.” She said it in a lighthearted tone, but I knew they must have been through a lot more trouble than what she made it sound like.

“How are Talon and Estrella?”

“Talon’s the same. Estrella went back to the pack, and I’m assuming no news is good news. Regardless of whether Alpha is there, Drogomor pack still has the best warriors and is useful for the kingdom, you know.”

From what I’d heard, King James’s banishment was only for Ethan. As a politician and a ruler, the best choice for the

king would be to absorb the Drogomor warriors into his own military force. I would assume he’d left the rest of the pack unharmed

Maybe Talon and Vicky didn’t need to run away from the capital either… but they still chose to follow their Alpha.

I sighed. “You’ve been so brave to go through all of this and follow Ethan.”

“I couldn’t stay in the castle, not under the circumstances. Alpha did everything he could to serve his country, and we’d follow him to the end of the world. Plus, the king wouldn’t go easy on me or Talon being Alpha’s confidants anyway.”

“Why wouldn’t the king keep his word? I thought he was only after Ethan.”

“You’re too kind, Rosalie. Think again for me, please?” Vicky smiled bitterly.

I pondered for a moment and realized that I might be too naive. If Vicky and Talon stayed in the capital, knowing how much Ethan cared about his subordinates, King James would probably hold Talon, Vicky, and some of Ethan’s most trusted subordinates hostage.copy right hot novel pub

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