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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 158: A Deal Was Struck

Chapter 158: A Deal Was Struck

**Ethan’s POV

After another operation, I tred to get back to work but it was difficult The situation with the new joiners kept weighing on my mind Seeing thern in battle just standing there, or fighting with little skill, made me so angry I’d wanted to stop fighting the enemy and attack them myself

It made me furious to hear Talon and the others so appalled at my decision to make those pay for their mistakes

What’s wrong with them? This was a rogue war, what’s wrong with me killing rogues? Weak as they were if they were not killed by me, they would die on the battlefield anyway

So why did everyone look at me like I was some sort of a monster lot even thinking that way?

I pushed the thoughts aside and went back to my work Georgia kopt saying that the camp wasn’t the safest place for Rosabe and our son Deep down, I supposed I knew she was right, but I wasn’t ready to take Rosalie back to her people

If I did, she wouldn’t need me anymore if she didn’t need me. she’d have no reason to even be in my presence

A reality where I didn’t get to see Rosalie and the baby was not one I was willing to accept

Allowing Vicky to go speak to Rosahe was a bit of a compromise for me Maybe if she saw one of her friends for a bit, she would come around and stop wanting to get away

There was a sound at the term flap and I looked up to see a soldier standing there, peering in at me I hated not having a door that could handle a knock “What?” I called

*Pardon me Alpha” he said, his voice ataclang a bit his eyes wide with tear ‘Miss Rosalie is asking to speak to you”

I few out of my chair and covered the distance between myself and the gangly young man in a few seconds. grabbing him by the collat “What are you talking about?” I asked her “Rosalie is asking to speak to me about what?”

He began to shake as he looked up at me, his mouth open but no words forming I gave him a hard shake and he said. “That’s all I know $-$-sur

Ireleased him and turned around taking a few deep breaths Perhaps I had overreacted

*Get out of here. I told him “You can go’

“Yes, sir He was gone in a flash but I just stood there for a moment wondering what Rosalie wanted to take to me about Likely she wanted to demand to be released again

She could forget about that

I decided I’d better be prepared before I went into speak to her Using the mind-link, I summoned Vicky to my ten! and went back to my desk, trying to calm myself Getting angry wasn’t going to help anyone

Vicky walked in a few moments later and i could tell that she was nervous around me She kept her distance her face a pale shade of white “You wanted to see me su

“Come in Vicky | said letting out a sigh i gestured at a chan across from my desk She had to know I wasn’t going to hurt her. “Did you visit Rosalie

It took her a moment to walk over and sit down. She sat ngidly on the edge of the chan her hands folded in her lap Yes. Alpha I did speak to her.”

* About what i demanded

Vicky’s eyes widened further. “Uhm, just about how things were going We talked about our trips here. She shrugged “Not much else. The baby

I assumed there had to be more. ‘What else? | barked.

She shook her head, “Nothing that I can remember.”

Vicky was lying to me. But I didn’t want to push her. That last thing I needed was to make her cry again. Why did women always have to cry over everything?

*Fine, I told her “If you don’t want to tell me, then you can get out.”

“Alpha we also talked about Paul and she told me about becoming queen.”

I stared at her for a long moment. If they talked about Paul, they had to have spoken about me as well. Vicky probably told Rosalie about how loving and doting Paul was, how he would always be concerned with how she was doing and if she needed anything

Rosalie probably told Vicky I was an uncaring asshole who only thought about himself.

“Leave,” I told her

Vicky got up out of the chair and moved swiftly to the exit, but by the time she got to the door, I stopped her.

“Did you…” | cleared my throat, “did you guys talk about me?”

Vicky paused for a moment, and she nodded. She wanted to say something, but she bit her lips waiting for my reaction

I stared at her for a moment, and I couldn’t describe how I felt. I guess no matter if her answer was yes or no, it wouldn’t matter. Either way, I wouldn’t be happy about it.

I didn’t say anything else and only waved my hands to dismiss her.

I decided I needed to go talk to Rosalie. Abandoning my unfinished work, I headed out the door and across the camp to the tent where Rosalie was being kept.

I walked right past the guards and threw the tent flap open, seeing her sitting on the cot, staring at nothing again.

Had she really summoned me for more of this?

Irritated, I bit out, “You’re not leaving, so don’t even bother to ask.”

She turned her head to look in my direction but didn’t look me in the face. “I didn’t ask,” she said, that assertive tone I wasn’t used to from her taking me by surprise.copy right hot novel pub

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