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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 161 Trouble Times Two

Chapter 161 Trouble Times Two

**Madalynn’s POV

The crisp approach of dusk laid mist upon the ground as the setting sun disappeared over the treetops. I waited amongst the shadows of the forest. Watching the camp ahead from a safe distance, waiting to take the opportunity to strike.

“Is everyone in position?” the leader of James’ men said, causing me to snarl at him.

“Do you not f*cking have eyes?” I snapped with annoyance. “I told you my guys are always ready.”

I saw his jaw clench, but he swallowed whatever words he wanted to say. He should know by now not to question me. Yet, instead, he continued down the same road as always… annoying me.

“Prepare the shift. The changing of the guards is in ten minutes,” I told him as I quickly undressed and let my clothes

drop to the forest floor.

As the shift came over me, I felt the uneasiness flow against my skin as if someone was watching me. Usually, something like that didn’t bother me, but my wolf seemed to notice that it wasn’t someone from my group.

Pulling my wolf’s attention back to what was important, I crouched low to the forest floor and waited.

Sure enough, our opponents began the shift change, and that was our break in the line to attack. Looking at James’ leader next to me, I nodded. We both howled into the air, telling the others to attack, and within moments, chaos erupted.

The thundering of paws against the forest floor and the eruption of snarling and fighting echoed through the air. There was no turning back from our choice, and with the three hundred wolves we brought to battle, we greatly outnumbered Ethan.

The only problem I had was that Ethan was a formidable warrior, and one of him equaled ten of my own. He would have to be taken down quickly.

Dashing through the masses, I took down one wolf after another.

The prize I sought lay within the tent at the center of camp, but making my way there was challenging.

A roar bellowed through the air, causing my wolf to cower in fright. Ethan stepped from the shadows, his black wolf towering over others as his red eyes scanned the crowd.

I knew who he was looking for, and as his eyes fell on me, I froze.

A growl echoed from his throat as saliva dripped from his mouth. The very presence of his eyes on me was enough to make me want to run in fear, but I couldn’t allow myself to show weakness.

I wasn’t that useless Rosalie b*tch.

In addition, for too long, Ethan had fed the anger in my soul, and the time had come to an end. He destroyed everything by merely existing, so he must pay the price for it!

He and his Rosalie c*nt deserved to die.

As he charged forward, a few warriors saw his movements, and they all charged at him to attack him at the same time, trying to stop him in his tracks. Thrashing and pulling, Ethan fought them off, and one by one, they fell to the ground. dead.

To our advantage, though, a second wave consisting of James’ men broke through the treeline and headed straight for Ethan

The plan… kill Ethan and capture Rosalie.

As much as I hated working with James, his plan would get me what I wanted. I couldn’t wait to take that b*tch Rosalie s child and watch her on her knees begging me. I’d make her watch me have some fun with her f*cking son, and I’d be

glad to hear her scream in pain.

Once James was done with her, I’d torture her in a million ways before I granted her death wish.copy right hot novel pub

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