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Sold as the Alpha King’s Breeder

Chapter 162 No Goodbyes

Chapter 162 No Goodbyes

**Soren’s POV

The battle raged around Ethan’s camp. Everywhere we looked, there were snarling, fighting wolves, rushing at one another and tearing each other apart.

Blood, tufts of fur, and shattered bone littered the ground, as well as the broken and mangled bodies of dozens of wolves from each side of the fray.

Now was my chance to get into Ethan’s camp and see if Rosalie was there.

It would be risky, but the battle seemed to be moving south, away from the camp, and I had to assume that was because Ethan was doing his best to get the enemies away from his woman and child.

As long as he continued to be successful at keeping the rogues and King James’s forces away from the camp, I should be able to carry out my own plan.

Especially now that I had someone with me who could help….

Joining up with Seraphine had never been part of my strategy, but now that she was with me, I was making the most of it. Seraphine was very good at sneaking around the forest without being detected, which I could testify to myself.

Best of all, Rosalie was much more likely to go with Seraphine than she was with me. While we had made amends to some degree before all of this fighting began, it wasn’t as if we were friends again.

But she’d go with Seraphine. She trusted her, as she should.

I just needed to find Rosalie and find a way to get her away from the camp without Ethan or anyone else noticing.

“This is where you think she is?” Seraphine whispered, pointed to a tent couple hundred yards away. We were still in our human forms for now because we couldn’t communicate as wolves. We didn’t have mindlinking capabilities with one another.

I nodded. “That’s the one I sent word to you about.”

Since we’d banded together, she’d explained to me how she’d been injured when rogues tried to attack Rosalie and the baby, when his nanny was killed.

I knew that her people were looking for Rosalie but couldn’t find her anywhere, so once I was fairly certain about her location, I’d sent word back to the Winter Forest pack.

However, I didn’t ask for reinforcements. Trying to break through Ethan’s defenses by force would be a waste of time and lives. I only needed someone Rosalie would trust. So I ended up with Seraphine.

Using my recently obtained tricks from my new friends, I was able to hide our scents and got closer to the center of the camp

I intended to make as good a use as possible of Seraphine’s skills, like her ability to get in and out of places unseen.

Meanwhile, my new friends, the most ragtag mob of outcasts anyone had ever seen, were spread out in the woods, ready to help. I didn’t need them to fight anyone, but they could be really helpful if we needed to hide our traces.

Seraphine and I watched from the shadows as a fight waged on between two wolves not far away from the tent I suspected Rosalie was in Then, another wolf came to help, and the fight dispersed. One male wolf limped off toward Ethan’s line while the other two exited into the woods.

This is our chance! Seraphine whispered. Let’s stay in our human form for communication, just in case.” It was more dangerous, but we could do that

However, when we got closer, I realized that i underestimated how much detail Ethan placed on Rosalie.

“This would be easier with more warriors,” I mumbled, looking at the half dozen guards around the tent,

My ex-subordinate rolled her eyes and replied, “You and I both know it wouldn’t help. It would be better if the pack stayed back where Ethan couldn’t detect them. Fighting him seems like a sure way to die.”

“Come on, I was only venting,” I said. Deep down, we were on the same page.

Seraphine and I couldn’t go against six of Ethan’s best warriors at the same time. We may have a chance to fight them, but we’d definitely draw unnecessary attention to us.

We needed to be patient and wait for our opportunity.copy right hot novel pub

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